New grad relocating from CA to Children's Hospital Colorado

  1. Hi,

    I am a new grad RN from California. I am starting the RN Residency Program at the Children's Hospital Colorado this October. Does anyone know about their relocation assistance? Or anyone in the area who is looking for roommates (prefferably asociated with healthcare or the Children's Hospital) and wouldn't mind searching out apartments if we seem to be a good match? I am trying to find living opportunities to check out when I arrive to Denver early October.

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  3. by   tyvin
    You mean you didn't ask them? Also, if you want to get an idea of what housing is available go read craigslists for that area and look under apartments/housing rental.
  4. by   KRomney

    I applied to the March 2012 New Grad program. I am also from California and I hope to be doing the same thing as you! How do you like it? Also, did they have a deadline as to when they wanted you to take NCLEX? Sorry for all the questions, but I am moving out to Colorado anyways and was also curious about the process of transferring your CA license to Colorado or if you just took NCLEX in Colorado? Hope your enjoying your time in Denver. I love Colorado!

  5. by   DM,RN
    I have applied to the same program. Let's hope everything goes well and we start together. I do not know anythinhg about the program on about how many spots they have and how many applications they get. Lets hope we get more information soon
  6. by   KRomney
    Yes! I would love if we started together! Unfortunately, I do not know how many spots they have open or how many applications they get, but I know it's very competitive. According to the timeline on their website, they select applicants to interview this Thursday and Friday! Let's hope we hear some good news this week! Good luck to you!
  7. by   hjnurse
    good luck to you both! im also hoping to hear something from them!
  8. by   Harvinderk
    Hey!! I am from california too!! I applied for the March 2012 program. I just received a call to interview at CH Colorado! If I am so lucky and get the job, I too will be looking for a roommate! Let me know if you're interested.
  9. by   DM,RN
    They must have "forgotten" me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh well... good luck for all
  10. by   KRomney
    Congratulations Harvinderk!!
  11. by   Harvinderk
    Thank you!! I sent you a message - i Hope you got it
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  12. by   kaiteelinn
    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone could give me advice as to how to stand out and get into the residency program. I am graduating in June and applying for the August start date (hopefully I can sit for the NCLEX early enough). I have a 3.62 GPA, my capstone is in the ICU at Good Sam, my community health rotation was with special needs/developmentally delayed pre-k kiddos and I have been around kids my entire life as my grandma has a daycare center for low income families. Is there anything else I can do to stand out? Is my GPA too low? I have about 6 reference letters from clinical instructors as well....
  13. by   Sassy29RN
    SBran88RN, I just sent you a PM. I am a new grad also from Cali... Just got an interview for the August cohort!! Wanted to see if you had any tips regarding the interview process. Thanks!