MSN-NP at CU Denver?

  1. Did anyone else apply? I got an email inviting me to the interview. Looking for others in a similar position!
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  3. by   Jessaade
    I was invited too!!
  4. by   Nurse216
    I wonder what the interview will be like. I'm a bit (a lot!) nervous about it.
  5. by   Jessaade
    I'm nervous too! Apparently, the interview is something new. I work with some nps who graduated in 2014 and 2015 and they had no interview (or that's what they told me). So we will see!! I hope we get accepted!
  6. by   Nurse216
    I'm so nervous. I'll be easily picked out as the blonde who looks like a deer in headlights hah!
  7. by   Jessaade
    Did you get any info today regarding Friday?
  8. by   Nurse216
    I did, my email had a hiccup so I had to have it resent, but I got the info! I'm even MORE nervous now that we have our own "individual agenda". Excited, but terrified!
  9. by   Nurse924
    Hi! I have my interview coming up August 19 and was looking for feedback on how yours went!! Any info/help would be greatly appreciated

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