Looking for LPN school in Colorado

  1. I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?
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  3. by   lencialoo
    Quote from phines8098
    I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?
    Hi phines8098,

    Sorry for the late post...

    PPCC (Pikes Peak Community College) has an LPN program. The program at PPCC has both LPN and ADN-RN prgrams and a bridge from LPN to RN.

    I think other community colleges in Denver have similar LPN programs but I'm not sure which colleges to recommend...maybe others here will post a reply. I think that the program at Regis is a BSN program. You might try a search at http://www.discovernursing.com/program_search.asp



    for Colorado specifically...both sites have alot of information to get you started.

    Good Luck to you !

  4. by   jeanylorenz
    Amazing I am running into the same problem. Unsure about your where abouts, but I will be moving to Westminster, CO after Christmas. Have checked into a couple schools about the LPN program. I had found Front Range - has a looooong waiting list and CCD (community college of denver) possibility of getting in by Feb or August depending when grades are mailed to college. Only need to have Anatomy 1 done to apply and Anatomy 2 to be accepted. May want to contact pia.smith@ccd.edu
    Let me know any new information you may find
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    Emily Griffith is a very good LPN school. I have friends that graduated from there and they have gone on to get RN's and BSN's, one even an MSN. So, no worries about getting your LPN from there and then moving on.

    Front Range is awesome, but they do have a wait list. The website address where you can get more info and apply is: http://www.frontrange.edu Front Range has both LPN and RN programs. They have many campuses to choose from, each has its own waiting list and some of them aren't too bad.

    Another school that has a great reputation is Pickens. http://www.pickenstech.org/Programs/...l.nursing.html They have an LPN program and the students love it, do well, and go on to get good jobs and have a good success rate in passing NCLEX. I don't know anything about the wait list.

    Another nursing school that is good is Arapahoe Community College. Their website is: http://www.arapahoe.edu/

    Aims Community College has both a Practical Nursing and RN program. Their website is:

    Pikes Peak Community College has both Practical Nursing and RN program. Their website:


    A new school that probably doesn't have much of a waiting list is the Denver School of Nursing. http://www.denverschoolofnursing.org/

    Another nursing school is through University of Colorado, CU.

    Regis University offers RN only. http://www.regis.edu/regis.asp?sctn=apg&p1=ut&p2=nr
  6. by   jeanylorenz
    You are a great help. I really appreciate it. I did check into Denver school of nursing. For one year day class it would cost $16,900 + 1200.00 for books. Good news I could get in Jan 3, 2005, but they are so new that they do not have financial aid or school loans. Pretty pricy.
    Yes, I do agree Front Range is super nice. I did go in and talki with a nursing advisor Carol Peters. I mailed them my transcripts and application. Although there is a 2-21/2 year wait, but maybe I would jump up being that I have all the pre-reqs done.

    I was thinking about taking a Phlebotomy class and get my certificate. Do you know what they get paid and is there a need for them?
  7. by   mikehammerly
    Northeastern Junior College in Sterling has a good LPN program. Its cost about 1600.00 a semester (970)-521 6707 if you have questions. Im currently in the program and it been challenging so far.
  8. by   jenuineqt
    Hi all!

    Anyone here starting the BSN program at DSON on April 10th??

    I noticed in the past threaded discussions, there were some concerns about the accreditation of the school. In the Colorado Board of Nursing website, Denver School of Nursing was listed under approved schools of professional nursing (Baccalaureate degree programs). Of course it is still under Interim approval which according to the board of nursing means:

    **Interim Approval - Interim approval is granted to new programs for the purpose of admitting students and allowing graduates to take the licensing examination. Programs remain on interim approval until after the first class has graduated. Within one year after the first class graduates, the program must request full program approval. A program will be granted full approval when the Board determines all requirements of Chapter II of the Rules and Regulations have been met.


    I have faith that DSON will be granted full approval and that most hospitals aren't concern about where one gets their nursing education, but that one is able to attain a RN license.
  9. by   hope3456
    Has the first RN class graduated and taken the NCLEX? It seems that "approval" is somewhat contingent on how many students pass.

    For example, the program that started 2 years ago at Aims CC in greeley is still on probation b/c they only had 60%-70%(I can't remember the exact percentage) pass rate on the NCLEX.
  10. by   jenuineqt
    I think the first RN class is scheduled to graduate this coming May or earlier. My friend, who is in the program right now said she will be taking the state boards in July. Yeah I agree that it seems like "approval" is based a lot on the percentage of students that passes the state boards. I guess it only makes sense that a new nursing program is placed on "interim approval" because they need to make sure that a decent percentage of students are passing, which would also mean that the school/teachers are doing a pretty good job in teaching/training and covering the required curriculum for the program. I am aware that there are some students from Denver School of Nursing that passed their LPN state boards. I hope to hear good news about the passing rate of the RN program soon!
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    If you go to the NLNAC website DSON is definitely on the site visit list for the LPN program.

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    I just joined today, this is my first post. I will be starting the BSN/Upper Division program at DSON in October. I am very interested in hearing about the experiences of current and former students. I work currently work as a tech in a local hospital and talk to nursing students whenever I can. So far I have gotten positive feedback from DSON students. I also got a good feeling when I visited the shool, they seemed to be very upfront about the accredidation issue.
  13. by   tlackey

    I currently attend DSON, I started the LPN program in July 2005, I'm just about to start the last quarter of the LPN portion, then I'll go right into the RN program (1+1) in July of this year, finishing up totally in March 2007. I really like it there..yes, they have their issues but so does any other nursing school. DSON is really trying to get accredited, so it's not like they're going to do anything to screw it up. Most of the teachers are really great, so I feel like I'm being challenged in my classes. I really like that the school is small, it's kind of an everybody knows everybody else thing, and when you run into a teacher from three quarters ago they still remember your name and ask how you're doing. It feels very personal. We just got some new administrators a few months ago, and they are really working hard to make the school a frontrunner. Of course, the first LPN class just started taking their boards a few months ago, but everyone who has reported back to the school passed and are getting jobs.

    The really good thing is that we have good clinical sites: Children's hospital, St. Anthony's, etc. And the hospitals and LTC centers that we go to really like our students, so they are happy to hire and ask the school to post jobs. I have made great, great friends. There is no one in my 21-person class who I couldn't call for help. We always have a great time in class and hanging out outside of class (we go to lunch, go for a drink after school, etc.) We just went to 11-week quarters and two week breaks in between, so the quarters go really fast.

    Yes, it is expensive. And they aren't accredited yet. But I never regret my decision to go to DSON, and I don't think anyone else in my class does either. I have found that the students who complain about the school are the ones who don't have good grades. The first quarter is the hardest, but don't give up!

    Good luck!
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    Hi All!
    I am actually looking for a good program in the Denver area anyone have any advice? Denver school of Nursing is pretty close to me but I am trying to compare schools expense wise.