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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

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    the first semester we did our clincals in rocky ford and las animas. this semester we will having our clinicals in lajunta, pueblo and colorado springs. is about 2 hours from colorado springs. we have people from there and from denver. alot of them get a room here and go home on the weekends. could you work? well, i couldn't work, however, if you are young you might be able to. you could also consider ojc part time program, if you need to work. any other questions, let me know!!!
    thanks again for your patience and time. how long does it take to drive to rocky ford/las animas from the school site? is clinicals on saturday and sunday, and how long are the shifts? how many hours in a day do i need to study? sorry i'm asking so many questions, i don't know what to expect or what is expected of me, also i am trying to plan for daycare ahead of time so my family knows what to expect. i am going to do the part-time program and still terrified that i might have to work. i am 40 yrs old and am not as young and not sure if i will be able to work since i don't know how many hours a typical student needs to take time to study. thanks for answering all my questions, you've been a big help!
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    I was wondering if anyone out there ever had to retake classes to improve their chances of getting into a nursing program? I have consistently gotten Bs in all my classes that equals a 3.0, which isn't seeming to make the cut.
    I am just worried about retaking a class and getting another B. I will probably retake both of my AP classes in hopes of doing better. They were both very interesting classes, but I am still worried that I won't be able to get an A. Does anyone out there who has gotten A's in classes have any advice?
    Are there any AP instructors at any of the Denver area Community Colleges that anyone out there would recommend as a good solid teacher?

    This site is really great to be able to converse with so many people going through the same thing!
    Sorry, to hear about your situation. I am not an A student. I got all B's and two C's both in A&P. I was sick with Bronchitis and had to drop out and retake, only to go through another bout with sickness. I got into Otero Jr college Nursing progam with my grades. The problem in Colorado is most schools have a 2-3 yr waitlist and are making it more difficult for you to get in. It is competitive when you have to deal with a waitlist. As for the A&P class, if you have the money to keep retaking then maybe you should ask students by getting referrals on different instructors. I wish you the best and hope you get in soon. Try ratemyprofessor.com
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    I re-took A&P and Chemistry. I have a BS and took those classes at CSU. However, I only took one A&P (and it counted as A&P II when they did transcript eval), and I got C's in both that class and chemistry. So, I did API in the summer and APII and Chem in the fall at ACC. I'm applying to Regis, so I need the chemistry. I got C's and some D's in my big science classes in college which dragged down my cum GPA to a 2.9. Thankfully, with retaking them it is pulling it up a little. I was told that Regis and MEtro (and possibly CU, I can't remember) weight your application heaviest on your science pre-req GPA. I really hope that's the case because now I'm straight A's vs. the crappy grades I got in undergrad.

    I work, have two kids under 3 (and one on the way) and took classes 4 nights a week to get these done. I found it helpful to not do it online, although I know some people are really successful with that. I also went every night, attended the lab practical review sessions and made flash cards using flashcardexchange.com. I never really used the book, but I did use some online study guides for A&P. I took the basic chemistry, so that was a cakewalk. The AP classes took a lot more time.
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    Congrats on straight A's! I hope I can do the same when I re-take my A&P classes. You should definitely be able to get into school now!
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    hi there,

    for the part time program i do not know all the details. i think clinicals are on the weekends. if the part time, ofcourse you only carry one class the first semester. if i were you, i would go to the ojc website (www.ojc.edu) and write to the director of nursing and ask her. i study alot, but then i do not have a life.

    or you can call, everyone here in administration will be extremely helpful and friendly to you.

    good luck, i wish you all the best....

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    I am so thankful I started this post!!!Does anybody know if i can do my prereqs at pikes peak and then transfer over. it definately sounds like a wonderful school and i wish i wouldve heard of them before i committed myself. MYCAA is paying for my classses and i'm worried that if i start changing things it will effect my funding.but i would love to hear more about the program.
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    Well, I feel good about my pre-req grades and I wish it were that easy that if you get A's, you'll get in. I had to get A's thanks to my non-competitive GPA. We'll see how it goes!
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    Are you working in a health field career right now? I work full time as a graphic designer and I am thinking I need to work as a CNA for a while in order to get into nursing school. I volunteer at the hospital, but only once a week.
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    That's really great that you are a volunteer! I would start to shift toward the CNA or any healthcare related position, it will help you out when applying at schools!
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    How do you like being a CNA? I have been at a desk job for 13 years and I would love to get out of a cube. Was it easy to get a job right out of CNA school? Do you work in a hospital setting?
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    I'm trying to come up with a plan B and plan C if CU doesn't pan out for me.

    Does anyone know how long the wait list is for Aims CC?