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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   calliern3711
    I missed the application deadline for UC Denver (UGH!) and i'm wondering what are some good schools to apply to instead? I'm moving to the Denver area so I would like to attend school nearby. Any suggestions would be great.

  2. by   RNtwoBE
    You'd be surprised, the Denver area is a pretty dog friendly place. A co-worker of mine lived in an apartment complex with her two pit bulls! Have you tried Craigslist? That will probably be your best bet to find homeowners renting places. Some people around here are still old school and just post a sign in the neighborhood though too. Seems weird to me in this day and age, but maybe if you make a trip to see a couple of places, you might try driving around as well. What's your budget?
  3. by   One1
    Are you looking solely for BSN programs? Do you already have another BSN and are able to apply to accelerated programs? The deadlines for Metro State, Regis, and CU have passed (for the summer 2010 start dates), they were between September and November this year. DSN has multiple start dates a year but I am unfamiliar with their deadlines since they are not regionally accredited and therefore not an option for me. Just google the schools and look up their deadlines.
  4. by   Benedina
    University of Northern Colorado in Greeley accepts applications between January 4 and January 27 for a May or August start date.

  5. by   Benedina
    I can't help notice how many of you are beginning your new programs soon! Congratulations on getting in and getting started. I hope all your future patients will be lucky to have you one day as their nurses.

    (And congratulations to me, too, because I just got the hospital CNA job I wanted. Whee!)

  6. by   Sand_Dollar
    Congratulations on your job Dina!
  7. by   One1
    Quote from SummitAP
    Well, I'm still hesitant. I think Regis or CU is the way I must go... if I go through and get a DSN BSN and later they get NLN, I don't think schools are going to retroactively recognize my credits for MSN... are they?

    It's too bad because CU is impossible to get into and Regis is still hard and costs 50% more than DSN.
    I have just scrolled through this thread and want to comment on that as well.. I talked to Regis and CU regarding acceptance of a DSN BSN towards their NP programs because DSN is not yet regionally accredited. The answer I got from Regis was that once DSN receives regional accreditation, a decision would be made if BSNs that were given before accreditation date are being accepted. CU told me that no BSNs given before accreditation date would be accepted. I also talked to the HLC, and was told that there is no such thing as a "grandfathering-in" policy, so your degree, if you happen to graduate before DSN gets its regional accreditation, will not be automatically regionally accredited. HLC pointed out that a candidacy status (which DSN has at this point) does not mean that the school is regionally accredited at this time. It will then be up to the individual schools to decide if they will accept your BSN or not. HLC also told me that it is not unusual for registrar offices to actually check your graduation date versus your school's regional accreditation date, especially if your degree comes from a relatively new school. Another word about Phoenix accepting DSN BSNs for their NP program: Phoenix will accept your DSN BSN only if you additionally have a BSN from a regionally accredited institution.
    So for continuing education, regional accreditation is important.

    I researched a lot since I too had originally looked into DSN. I am not saying the training is bad, but like others, I suggest you check all the ifs and whens in their accreditation process closely to see if it works with your personal (graduation) timeline.
  8. by   mkggirl
    Denver school of nursing is accreditied by the colorado commision if higher education (CCHE) They are now seeking NLN. I bet within the next couple of months they will be candidate status. They had to get CCNE before they could get NLN and seeming how they just got CCNE a few months back they need some time. I heard that by June everything will be in order. However if you look at the site for Regis they have NLN and CCNE (you only need one) but I do not see there national accreditation?. I would think they need CCHE or another type of national accreditation?
  9. by   mkggirl
    I was thinking about $1,000 per month. Every apartment I called said noway (about 25 places). That is why i was thinking I needed a private townhome or something. So I have been looking on craigslist. What was the name of the complex that your friend lived in?
  10. by   RNtwoBE
    Well the place she lived in was called Montrachet, but I wouldn't recommend it, it's pretty pricey! It's just the place that my work has people live in when they move them here because it's just down the street.

    What breed is your dog? I would definitely recommend looking in Lakewood (it's the city just to the west of Denver, but in Jefferson County), my bf's friend has a pit bull and he has rented several houses/townhouses with no problem. And you'll definitely be able to find something nice in that price range. Others cities you may want to try:

    Jefferson County - Wheat Ridge, Golden, Arvada
    Arapahoe County - Centennial, Englewood, Aurora; I'd just call them to find out the rules.

    Try not to get too far out so you don't have a difficult commute to DSN. My only experience with Arapahoe County is my best friend has an american bulldog that for whatever reason some people think looks like a pit, so she couldn't live in Denver. She lived in Aurora, but it was Unincorporated Arapahoe County and now she lives in Centennial.
  11. by   Xtina2010
    I am waiting to hear back from CU for the May 2010 cohort, and the waiting is killing me! i hear we don't find out to March, which means i have to put down a deposit at Regis until I find out! anyways, does anyone know how long the ABSN is? i was having some trouble getting an exact number of months. Thanks for the help
  12. by   Benedina
    Thanks, Sand Dollar. I actually owe you two thanks--because your study group postings for CCConline's A & P classes helped me know what I was in for. (I was one semester behind you and I finish up this week, thank goodness!)

    Good luck with CU! I hope you get in soon.

  13. by   Malfijo
    Im in class # 16, and yes the Teas test was way harder than I expected. I actually bought a book from borders to help me study cause I didnt want to pay the fee that came with re-taking the test.
    The financial situation is a lot like the Denver school of nursing, where you can do all three that you mentioned.
    Im really excited too, only less than a month away. Im just concerned with the whole not being nln accredited thing...