Information on CO nursing schools?

  1. Hello all,

    I am an out of state student interested in applying to CSU-Pueblo, University of Northern Colorado, and Metro State for next year. Is there anyone who is currently enrolled in these programs or anyone who has graduated that could offer additional insight? What GPA will make me competitive? Is one school better than the others? What are the NCLEX passing rates and how many students are admitted each year?

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  3. by   smsoftballgirl
    Hi alyss2212!
    I recently applied to CSU Pueblo and got accepted there for accelerated BSN, but I do not know much about UNC or Metro state. I know CSU-P has a high NCLEX passing rate
  4. by   Sand_Dollar
    I am a Sr at UNC and love it. Our nursing program is strictly GPA based for admissions. My traditional class had a minimum GPA of ~3.68, so if you have >3.7 you should be competitive (accelerated was lower, but I don't know the actual number, sorry). There are two traditional class starts, one in summer and one in fall, with an accelerated class also starting in the summer. We have a few different pre-reqs than other Denver area Universities; you have to be a CNA, have biochem (but not micro), nutrition for nursing (rather than the standard nutrition everyone else takes), along with pharm and patho. Our pass rates are usually somewhere around the 92-93% range (here is a link to all the program rates in CO

    We have a small campus with ~10k students so our classes are also small. Nursing classes stick together, so I stay with the same 35 people throughout the program. We get along great and even started a private FB group where we share notes, activities and just stuff. The profs are top notch and are behind you 110%. This summer we had a student get an internship at Mayo, a few got internships at a local hospital and a couple of us got jobs at University of CO Hospital in Denver. We have good clinical sites (ie. Children's H in Denver, VA for psych, etc) and I had a nurse at clinicals tell me she was surprised how well prepared and confident we were compared to other programs.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
    Good luck!
  5. by   alyss2212
    What!? You got in already! That must be such a relief! Do you already have all of your prerequisites completed? I still have Chemistry and Anatomy 2. But I am sending in my application materials this week. Also, are you from Colorado?-Alyssa
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    I got in early because I am applying for a military program to fund my nursing school so yes I'm already in . I still have 2 pre-reqs (Micro and Patho) but thats it. And yes I am from here. I live in Colorado Springs but will be moving down to Pueblo after I graduate from UCCS with my geography degree (I decided halfway through that degree that I wanted to be a nurse). So I'm all set for the Second degree BSN program at CSU-P. I'm not sure if you are a 4 year BSN student or an Accelerated Student like me, but I chose Pueblo more specifically for their Accelerated BSN program. CSU-P does have a good repuatation as does UNC. I haven't heard much about Metro States' program.
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    Did you get into CSU-Pueblo?