Help with registering for nursing licensure in Colorado from Oklahoma!

  1. Hello all! I am currently a senior nursing student in Oklahoma! My husband is stationed in Colorado, and I will be moving there after graduation!

    Can anyone please tell me the process of getting registered for my nursing license with the Colorado Board of Nursing? In my current state, the process is different. From what I can see on the DORA website, the Colorado nursing license registration process is different. I know there is a form to fill out. But I was wondering if there were any new or recent Colorado nursing grads out there who can help me!

    Is there anything I should do right now? Anything I can turn in? Or do I just have to wait until after I graduate? Do I need a "boar" picture (aka that picture where it is just your face from the neck up), a background check?

    I am just confused in general, and sadly I have called the nursing schools in Colorado and have not been able to get much help about the process in registering to get my nursing license in Colorado. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   WoundedBird
    I would call DORA directly. There is contact info on their site - not sure exactly where for nursing, but remember getting it for another health profession. This way you are getting your info directly from the source.
  4. by   x28y31
    I've tried calling DORA. But I have absolutely not been able to actually speak with anyone. I've left messages, and no word back. I was hoping for Colorado nurses who have gone through the process of getting registered to help! But thank you for your suggestion! I wish DORA would actually answer back....
  5. by   lauraross1
    You need to register on the nursys website first and have your info available to the state of Colorado. On the Dora site you should be able to fill out your application and submit. I transferred in from NM and it was pretty once I found all the info. I had to email someone about some specifics and they responded really fast. Maybe email them and ask for the specific link to the application.
  6. by   x28y31
    I didn't see any type of online application for nurses on the DORA website? There is a Health profile that I have to fill out (Which is online), but I was told I can only do this after I fill out the form and mail it in. Lauaraross1, when you were registering, was your application an all-paper process? Excluding the health profile online application...?
  7. by   lauraross1
    I think I printed it out, filled it out, and then mailed it. I remember that it wasn't real clear to me exactly how to do it. Once I submitted everything it didn't take long at all to get my license.
  8. by   x28y31
    Thanks Laura, I am in the same boat as you! Everything seems a little unclear. Did you have to do it all after you graduated? Since they ask for your final transcripts? Sorry for all of the questions!
  9. by   lauraross1
    I didn't have to send transcripts because I had been a nurse for 10 years already. I think I did the licensure by endorsement?? I remember that I ended up emailing because I just wasn't sure how to do it through Dora! Very confusing!
  10. by   StormyD_RN
    I transferred from Oklahoma to Colorado. It was a paper application. However, I had my license to begin with in Oklahoma and got my license in Colorado by endorsement. When I had a question I emailed the board. I got a quick reply that way. I had my Colorado license within 2 weeks.
  11. by   x28y31
    I have contacted DORA, and just wanted to update! It seems I will have to wait until after graduation before I can start applying for anything. This is okay by me. Thank you for letting me know that emailing them might get me a faster answer back! It was truly frustrating when I couldn't talk to anyone on the phone!! And also thank you for all of the advice and info!!
  12. by   Christalina
    I know this has nothing to do with this post, but my husband also accepted a job in Denver, and i plan on coming there sometime next Summer. Did you apply before you came to Denver? How difficult was it to find a job? I am a nurse of 5 years. I do not have my BSN. Just wondering how panicked i should be and how much savings i may need in the mean time. Thank you!