Denver School of Nursing, BSN completion option start, July 2013

  1. Just mailed in my application for the summer start. Anyone else? Looking forward to meeting my summer classmates!
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  3. by   ALynn0324
    Hi, I'm Amber. I turned mine in as well! We'll have to keep each other posted on when we get called for interviews.
  4. by   mrnightinggale
    OK Amber,
    By the way, this is Paul
  5. by   Kayla393

    I sent in my application for the BSN July 2013 start date as well. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that phone call for an interview! I am planning on moving from my lifelong state of Alaska to Colorado upon acceptance. Any advice or information on the area is greatly accepted!

    Kayla McLeod
  6. by   MurseAtom
    Hola, I'm Adam and I turned in my application as well. Patiently waiting for a phone call.
  7. by   Kayla393
    Yes, great idea! Let's keep each other updated.
  8. by   MurseAtom
    Got a phone call today! :-) Super excited!!
  9. by   mrnightinggale
    Got a call today to set up an admissions interview! Yay!
  10. by   Kayla393
    Oh goodness I sure hope I get a phone call tomorrow... I haven't received one yet.
  11. by   aburns7790
    Got a call yesterday! I'm an out of stater so any advice on where to live etc. would be greatly appreciated!! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  12. by   Kayla393
    Congratulations everyone! That is very exciting!
  13. by   MurseAtom
    Any word yet Kayla?
  14. by   Kayla393
    No, still haven't received a phone call. Starting to get nervous! I can't imagine them calling everyone in one day, so hopefully the process takes a few and I am just toward the back of the call list. Congratulations on your call, though!