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I am beginning DSN in April of 2010 in the BSN program and am a little nervous about the Patho course. Does anyone know what book the proff uses and does anyone know what the syllubus is like? I... Read More

  1. by   oxojoyoxo2
    unfortunately, I didn't get through =/. I seriosly tried getting through for 3 hours. My 2 other friends didn't get through either. Congrats 2BJenurse!
  2. by   OakRNland
    Oh darn, thats a bummer I went on DSON website and they had this to say :

    "Due to the tremendous volume of calls experienced on 4-1-10 we will be revamping our application process. Please check this page on the website after 5-1-10 to review the new process."

    So it must have been REALLY busy, my hope is that the reason is because they ARE going to pass their accreditation in the next few months. We've booked our flights and hotels for our interview and really want it all to work out, but with out the NLN accreditation, I'm still a little hesitant- but I'm going to go forward and look into eveything. Would really love to hear from students who have graduated from the bsn program and hear how they are doing in finding jobs..

    xoxo- Best of luck to you in boston! there is another school with no waitlist, a bit more expensive, but not much more thand DSON since just raised their tuition, its oklahoma city university. worth a look.
  3. by   oxojoyoxo2
    thanks! I'll check the school out! I'm still waiting on Boston!
  4. by   OakRNland
    Denverstudent & others in the DSON program- so hows it all going? are you happy with the program? Is there any word on campus about their NLN accreditation, and do you think they'll get it?