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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

  1. by   Lizzie21
    Hopefully they get accredited soon, that would be a huge step for them. I'm not sure how long the accreditation takes. you will do great in school and if you need anything or help let me know!
  2. by   jjhc2006

    I am new to Colorado...YAY! I have been contemplating on whether to go to Regis or DSON. You say that a lot of people are trying to get into DSON? Do you happen to know how many applied during the last application period and how many they accept?

  3. by   XPLSV
    My wife is currently applying to DSON. I have concerns on the accreditation status. Numerous threads on this site show the school has been working the NLNAC since at least 2006. Generally, a two year school term is reviewed for a successful accreditation and it appears the school has failed at least twice now to get the accreditation. From what I have seen, some hospitals will only be concerned with the NCLEX license. I have reviewed government positions, of which we have many VA and military facilities in Colorado, and they require not only the state license, but also an education degree from an accredited program. Check out This means a DSON graduate is shut out from these positions, at present time. I also found some (not all) positions on the Penrose hospital site listed "accredited degree." I suspect private hospitals have lattitude, I don't think the military or VA facilities do. For those wishing to pursue masters level work, I would be very wary of attending a non-accredited school. If you graduate and the school is not accredited at the time, you will be out of luck. There is clearly a trade-off with avoiding the huge wait lists of most schools and getting an approved, but not accredited, degree.
  4. by   jjhc2006

    You make some great points and I too share some of the same concerns. With that said though, I am still going forward with DSoN. Before moving to Colorado, I was all set to go into a BSN program. The programs in all surrounding areas there were accredited and I had never heard of an unaccredited college. The programs were also mainly lottery driven, so one may have to wait a few years to get it. My problem here is that the clock is ticking and my prerequisites will not be good in five years which is how long I hear the waitlists are here. Because I am unwilling to retake them, I am somewhat and reluctantly forced to go into a program like DSoN.

    I am curious, why is your wife applying to DSoN if you are not sold on it? What program at DSoN is she applying for?
  5. by   OakRNland
    Jjhc2006- when are you starting the bsn program at dson? Are you in Colorado now?
  6. by   jjhc2006
    I am now in Colorado - moved here less than three months ago and am loving it! I just applied for the April 2011 track 1 BSN program. Do you go to DSoN?
  7. by   OakRNland
    I'm moving to Denver in 2 weeks, I can't wait!! I'll be starting dson in oct- the bsn program.
    How is the application process going for dson? When I applied I had to call in and get an interview, but I think its changed now, have you heard back yet? Best of luck with getting in!!
    Where did you move from? What area of town did you decide to live. Did you find a job? Sounds all very exciting!!
  8. by   jjhc2006

    Congratulations on getting in for October! I think you are going to love it here! It is so beautiful! I moved here from Northern California - Modesto area. My husband and I are used to the small-town feel, so we decided to move to Castle Rock. Because it is a little drive into Denver, I will be taking the lightrail to DSoN. I just mailed in my application a few weeks ago. When the application closes in October, they will make their decision as to whom they will interview and this will be sent via mail 4 weeks after the closing date. It is a long time to wait, but I am not in any big hurry. As far as a job, I have not worked for almost 12 years - I have been blessed with a hubby that makes enough money for our family. I did however, proctor for an EMT school (I have been an EMT for 5 years) before I moved one night per week since receiving my certification.

    So, where are you moving from? And where will you be moving to? Did you decide to take pathophysiology beforehand? I am taking it this semester at the Community College of Denver.

    I hope you love it here as much as I do and would love to keep in touch with you - it would be nice to have someone ahead of me to ask questions to!

  9. by   OakRNland
    Hi jene,
    we are moving from San Francisco to park hill neighborhood in denver. It seems like a nice enough neighborhood, so much more affordable than what we are paying here in the city. My parents live in Clovis, so I know exactly where Modesto is. I'd say Denver is quite the change for both of us!!

    I didn't take patho, and so I guess I'm gonna have a heavy load!!! Oh well, I'm expecting it to be tough! Especially with having a toddler at home! Do you have any kids? First thing I'll be doing next week when I arrive is looking for day care, I've been a sahm, so full time day care will be an adjustment for her.

    Best of luck on your application!
  10. by   jjhc2006

    Funny you mention Clovis because we almost moved there instead of here! If you are used to the big city of San Francisco, I think you will do quite well in Denver. I used to work in S.F. alot when I was younger (did a lot of movies and commercials back in the day) and although the two cities are quite different, they are similar in some ways.

    I do have two kids - a 10 year old and a 6 1/2 year old. I too have been a stay-at-home mom and planned to be entering nursing school when my youngest got in first grade (he just started first grade three weeks ago). So far, everything has worked out as planned except for the fact that we moved here - a welcomed change I hope you are able to find good childcare here and wish I could point you in the right direction, but I have no idea where to send you. The daycares here seem so much nicer and safe than the darecares I came across in California.

    If you have any questions, please let me know! I hope your move is a smooth one.

  11. by   XPLSV

    my wife chose not to after reviewing additional info i found here and elsewhere. i will add, she does know several students at dson and they have been happy with the program. she has similar concerns regarding classes still counting, etc. can be tough with the current nursing school situation.
  12. by   jjhc2006

    I hope you are enjoying your new home here in Colorado and am sure you are busy getting settled and preparing to start school next week. I am wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me what your schedule looks like for the first quarter. I have heard that they don't always keep the schedule the same, but thought it might help give me an idea so I can prepare my husband for drop off/pick up of our children.

    Thanks so much Jen and good luck!
  13. by   jlp-c
    Quote from jjhc2006
    I am now in Colorado - moved here less than three months ago and am loving it! I just applied for the April 2011 track 1 BSN program. Do you go to DSoN?
    Hi jjhc2006 --

    I hope you are still loving Colorado. I was just wondering if you had heard back from DSN about the Aprill 2011 start date, did you get accepted? I got my call earlier this week. I had been reading the posts for awhile, and now I feel like I have a reason to jump in I'm SO excited! I meet with Jeff next week. Hope you got the same great news! It would be nice to have at least a familiar name in school, haha.

    Anyone else get accepted for the April 2011 start? Good luck to all!