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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

  1. by   cyn2224
    Thank you, Mary. It is helpful to have that information since I have small children to consider.

    Now that you have completed one quarter, did the school meet your expectations? Did you find your instructors to be supportive and knowledgeable? Do you feel it has been a positive learning experience for you?

    Best wishes regarding your upcoming move and change of schools.

  2. by   mbw5680
    Hi Cythnia (and everyone else),

    Thanks for asking these questions--it helps me post more without babbling on.

    So, the school did meet my expectations. The instructors were very good, and they definitely knew their stuff. Overall, I was pleased with my experience (and am totally bummed that my classmates are going on to clinicals while I'm stuck packing up my house!)

    I will say that I struggled a lot with the classes, especially Pathophysiology. The tests are unlike anything you've seen before, because they're written to mimic the NCLEX. Therefore, instead of a question like, "High blood pressure are signs of...?", you'll get a question saying, "the RN gets a patient that presents with blood pressure of 200/114 and respirations of 24." (I just made all that up, so don't take any of the information seriously.)

    The point--flip through some practice NCLEX questions so that you're not totally floored when you get your first test. Also, know that you're probably going to have to study a lot more than when doing your pre-reqs. I also have a little guy (16months now), and I really had to budget time for him, my husband, and nothing else but school.

    I'm not trying to scare you off with all this, but I found school to be incredbily overwhelming at first, and I don't think I adequately prepared myself.

    But other than my complaint that Pharmacology/Pathophysiology are in the same quarter, I think the school is good. The lab portions are very comprehensive, and the diadetic (while OVERWHELMING) does prevent good information.
  3. by   cyn2224

    Sounds like a tough 1st quarter. I was planning on reviewing my A&P book, but now it sounds like that won't quite do it.

    If you don't mind me asking, how long did you have to wait to get into DSON? How many students do they accept per session? I am applying for the Oct/07 program date.

    When do you move? We are moving back to CO after being in AZ for 3yrs. We will be in Windsor, CO, so we will be pretty far from DSON. I have already been warned that I will have to leave around 6AM to avoid most of the traffic.

    I really appreciate all of your input. You have been so helpful in answering questions that otherwise would have remained unanswered. :spin:

  4. by   mbw5680
    The first semester was very tough. Again, I would encourage my classmates to post and discuss later quarters and their experiences.

    The waitlist is very short--DSN now is enrolled BSN students four times a year, so if you don't get in the quarter you want, you'll get in the next quarter.

    I would highly recommend e-mailing the school and asking them if they think that's going to change. (And mention my name--Mary West--'cause if you enroll I get a referral bonus. ) Jeff(head of admissions) said when the school becomes eligible for financial aid, the waitling list will get much longer. I'd see how early you can get on the list.

    Are you sure you want to move back here? There is at least a foot of snow outside my house right now!!
  5. by   hope3456
    What is the status on accredidation for DSON? And the NCLEX pass rate of only 69% (according to the BON)??
  6. by   mbw5680
    When a school is in the process of accreditation, they are not allowed to publish the status (it's dumb, but those are the rules. They're REALLY not allowed to talk about it.) The school is only two years old (their first graduating BSN class was June 2006), so it's probably not going to be until 2007 or 2008.

    As for the 69% pass rate--that is only the first time they take it. I'm sure lots of people retook the NCLEX and have passed the second time. Also, the school is revamped a lot of classes (added an IV class, etc.) They have another graduating class Oct 2006, so hopefully those numbers will go up next time.

    Finally, remember that accreditation is not the be-all-end-all of class transferring. I spoke with Belmont University (in Nashville, where I'll be moving to), and they told me that they'd evaluate credits from DSN the way they would from any other nursing school.

    If you have student loans you want to defer, Nelnet won't let you and Direct Loans will (I just found this out. )
  7. by   beckinben
    Quote from cyn2224
    We are moving back to CO after being in AZ for 3yrs. We will be in Windsor, CO, so we will be pretty far from DSON. I have already been warned that I will have to leave around 6AM to avoid most of the traffic.

    You will probably need to leave before that if you want to avoid the traffic. In my experience (commuting from north of Denver), I-25 southbound through Northglenn/Thornton towards downtown starts getting heavy right around 6-6:15. I will not drive that stretch if I get there any later than that, because it's horribly congested.

    You could consider using RTD - you could get off at one of the north park-and-rides and ride the bus to downtown. You could also pay to use the carpool lanes, which will avoid some (not all) of the jams on that stretch of I-25. Or, better yet, find someone to carpool with.

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  8. by   cyn2224
    Mary and Becki,

    Thanks for the advice. Leave before 6AM? That's a scary thought! :uhoh21:
    I guess I can endure it for 2 years. I would consider the bus, if I knew it would drop me off near the school. Guess I had better look into that.

    I think it is great that you have snow, Mary. It has been quite some time since we experienced a white Christmas. So even though it is inconvenient, try to appreciate how pretty and festive it is.

    I went to the library to get books on Pathophysiology and Pharmacology to see what I was getting myself into. Light reading during the holidays!!

    Ladies, have a wonderful and safe holiday.

  9. by   sunaly
    I'm glad you started this post too. I'm very interested in this program as well. When did you apply for the October 2007 start? Has the deadline to apply already passed? The next start is in January 2008 right?
  10. by   mbw5680
    DSN has open enrollment, so it's more of a waitlist thing. If you'd applied now, they'd probably stick you on the waitlist for Oct (but maybe not if the class isn't full), and then if you didn't get in, you'd automatically be enrolled the following quarter. DSN accepts students Jan, April, July, Oct, I think.
  11. by   aprila1
    i am also new to this forum and i hope there are still people looking at this forum.

    i am going to the denver school of nursing starting in july. i am finishing up some pre-reqs. i was adviced that they hope to have all of there cred. in the next year.

    i am soooo excited to start. is there anyone else starting in july.

    we should keep in touch with eachother and see how our schooling is going who knows maybe we can help each other ....

    take care and good luck

  12. by   adventuregirl
    Mary - It's nice to see your postings and see how the school is changing and improving. I am a Dec 2006 BSN grad and though my classmates and I had a slightly bumpy experience (to be expected with a young, developing program), overall ... I enjoyed my time spent at DSN. Nancy and Becky (Dean and Asst Dean) have done a great job since they came on board a little over a year ago!

    As for me, I just passed boards a week ago (takes a while for paperwork to be processed) and have two job offers - both of which I'm super excited about. I also look forward to continuing on for my MSN in the near future.

    Good luck to you current students, and if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer.
  13. by   aprila1

    Just wondering what two jobs offers you have?
    Did you find that the Denver School of Nursing prepared you for your boards?
    I start the program in July 07, and I'm a little nervous that I won't do well. Also because we pay so much. My loan just got approved so hopefully its smooth sailing from here.
    If you would let us all know how your experience was and how prepared you feel you are, that would be great.