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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

  1. by   alex-molina
    Oh wow..i was planning on transferring to Starbucks out there and working so i could keep my health benefits... What is a typical week like? School mon-sat? All day? I really appreciate all the insight
  2. by   kaiteelinn
    The average schedule is 3-5 days a week being in class from 4-10 hours a day. Sometimes you have long gaps between classes because they follow lecture with labs for some classes. There are lots of students in each cohort, 60! So, it is divided alphabetically and divided into groups A and B. Then Labs are further divided to ensure that we get lots of one on one time in the lab. This why there are several long gaps in the first few quarters. You are waiting to go to your lab while the other groups go. I do not recommend working, at least for the first two quarters. Patho is in the first quarter and it takes a lot of studying. Plus, you have assessment and it has a lot of work. Second quarter you have foundations and it has a 9 hour lab all in one day. Third quarter (this is if you choose BSN and not ADN), you have med-surg 1. This includes 4 weeks of clinical and 4 weeks of sim lab. You also have IV therapy which has a lecture and lab. Every lab you take at DSN, you have to prepare for a check off. Plus every quarter, except third, you have several HESI exams to take. They are 20% of your final grade. You also HAVE to achieve a 78% in test/quizzes for each class in order to pass.

    The reason I say you should not work if you do not have to, is because DSN is accelerated. It is a 4 year degree in almost half the time. However, I did it and several others do as well. It is really up to you and what you are comfortable with. Good luck! Keep me posted and feel free to ask me any questions.
  3. by   Lizzie21
    I hope that they get the NLN!!! That would really open up doors for graduate schools! I am currently getting my Masters in Healthcare Leadership from DU! I got my undergraduate from there before going to nursing school. I want to get my MSN in something! Do you know once we get NLNAC will we be able to apply to Regis or University of Colorado for graduate programs?
  4. by   Nursedenver
    I graduated from DSN and I have friends who are already in Masters of Nursing programs at CU Bethel College in Colorado Springs. Another one of my classmates is in a Masters at Duke University. I'm not sure about Regis, but I've been told by CU Denver that as soon as DSN has it's NLNAC they will start taking applications for it's Masters degrees. I'm not ready to go back to school yet because I'm loving my job too much! The program isn't easy (no good Nursing program is) but if you make it your priority for 21 months you'll get through it. Good luck to all new Nursing students!!
  5. by   alex-molina
    Hi everyone. My friend and i are trying to find apartments around DSON that are cheap. We are thinking anywhere from a studio to a 2 bedroom ( depending on if another friend goes). Any ideas where are apartments that are cheap but not a total dump? I have never been to denver and dont know where anything is, so any ideas would be awesome. Also, i was wondering if there is a subway system used in denver so i could maybe live a little farther out of the city so it would be cheaper? I live in cali and we cant get around anywhere without a car so i was just wondering.... Thanks, Alexandra
  6. by   kaiteelinn
    Actually, I live in apartments at the lightrail station. I never drive anywhere, however apartments near the light rail are expensive, as are lofts and apartments down town. Denver as a whole is a pretty expensive city. My recommendation is to rent a house in the suburbs and find 1 or 2 roommates from school and carpool or you can rent a nice cheap apartment away from downtown, like in Aurora (only move to southeast aurora as the rest is ghetto) and park at the lightrail station and take it to school. DSN parking is a nightmare anyway, you have to pay to park anywhere close to school unless of course you're willing to walk 30 minutes to your car with your suitcase backpack! DSN is also less than a block from Coors Field, where the Rockies play and during baseball season parking can go from $8 a day to 25-40. There is no way for DSN to do anything about the parking either, because it is literally in heart of the city.
  7. by   adutchak
    Hi everyone,
    I just got enrolled into the DSN for the LPN to ADN program starting in July and was wondering if anyone is going into it or have gone through it and what to expect? I graduated from a small town LPN program here in colorado so I'm expecting it to be way different, was just hoping for some heads up.
  8. by   adutchak
    Hi everyone,<br>I just got enrolled into the DSN for the LPN to ADN program starting in July and was wondering if anyone is going into it or have gone through it and what to expect? I graduated from a small town LPN program here in colorado so I'm expecting it to be way different, was just hoping for some heads up.<br>Thanks.
    PS: Thanks for the post"kaiteelin", also moving to Denver from Fort Collins and looking for a place, and that helps.
  9. by   alex-molina
    Anyone know how long it takes for a reply ??? I applied for the October bsn completion progra...the ending day of the application period was April 1st so i am thinking it should be anyday now. Do they call, email, or send a letter to let you know? I am going crazy...i just want to know
  10. by   Nursedenver
    I'm a DSN graduate but I have several friends that went through the application process last year. They told me it takes about 6 weeks after the application deadline date before you get a phone call to set up you application interview. My friend that's about to graduate from DSN said that everyone at the school is really getting excited to hear from the NLNAC in August. I hope you hear good news on your application soon!
  11. by   Lizzie21

    When did you graduate from DSN? I graduated in March 2010 with my BSN. I love my job and I am actually going to DU for my Healthcare Leadership Masters. I got my previous BS degree from there before nursing. I would love to get my MSN from CU or Regis, but I'm still waiting for us to get the NLNAC. Where do you work at too? you can always PM me if you want if you don't want your info out and about!
  12. by   Ak87

    If you do not hear anything in the 6 weeks time (May 15th ish) I would call them. I applied for the July BSN program and my application was due on Jan was March 1st and I still didn't hear anything. Come to find out they never received my application. You should have gotten an e-mail saying that your application has been received and they will contact you. If you don't receive any form of contact call them ASAP! They are more then willing to try and get you in if you meet the requirements. Good Luck!
  13. by   alex-molina
    Thank you for all of your help....i got in for the October 1st bsn bachelors completion program!!!! I am soooo excited.

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