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  1. I am moving go Denver got a job at ST Anthonys central SICU. Very excited only have 1 year experience in ICU so I'm scared since I coming from level 3. Want info on Denver hospitals particular ICUs. The good, the bad, the ugly. Plus any info on st anthonys particularly would be awesome. Any idea the standard kind of patient for this IcU?
    Any info about would be so appreciated.
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  3. by   klone
    It's not called St Anthony Central anymore. St Anthony Central closed down about two years ago, when they built the new hospital in (Lakewood? Wheat Ridge?)
  4. by   Rl3232
    Yeah the recruiter told me that, I jut forget. I did a phone inteview so I haven't seen the unit yet. I Guess it's lakewood right?
  5. by   klone
    Yes, I googled - Lakewood. Good luck! I know Denver Health and UCH both have really good ICUs, but that's not my area so I can't really speak much about it.
  6. by   jefferson1070
    The new St. Anthony's is gorgeous, and sits right at the base of the foothills of Lakewood at Union and Alameda. I live one mile from there, and am trying like you-know-what to get a job there because I'm tired of driving to Denver to my current job! They have been very supportive and communicative thus far. Just waiting for job openings in my unit!
    SAC gets a lot of level-I trauma from the west side of Denver, the highway systems, and the eastern mountains, which it butts right up against. It also gets some central Denver trauma when the local knife-and-gun club (Denver Health, formerly Denver General) goes on divert. It seems very nice. I like eating dinner by the fireplace in the cafeteria after classes in their conference center on campus.
  7. by   SHefner22
    Wondering how thing's are going/went for you in the SICU. I was just offered a job there and am weighing is against the STICU at UC Health.

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