Current Climate for LPNs in CO?

  1. Thinking about eventually relocating either to Florida or Colorado from NY.

    If someone can answer my question that'd be awesome.

    Whats the average pay rate for LPNs in LTC for LPN with 1 year experience in LTC?
    (Ive seen around $43,000 a year from

    Are nursing jobs scarce like in other parts of the country?

    Are there any accelearated LPN to RN Bridges preferably at Brick and Mortar school?

    Thanks for any answers
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  3. by   winddrinkermt
    Just an FYI re: idea where they get their info, but it lists the average LPN salary in my state (Montana) @ $50k/ year--- that is hilarious, as an RN is lucky to get $50k in this state, and of course an LPN would be much less. Don't forget to check the costs of living in the areas that you are considering, as in Colorado, it is quite high. As far as job availability, I have been out of work for 8 months; the last time I was out of work it was over a year before I found a new job.
  4. by   SE_BSN_RN
    Depends on where in CO. The pay for LPN's is low, especially home care (16-19/hr). LTC is a little better (18-21/hr) but jobs are very scarce. As for LPN to RN, your choices are limited there, too. There's DSN and UoP. Not sure of any others.