CU Denver Spring 2019 Cohort

  1. Hey everybody! I've been an allnurses quiet reader for quite some time now, but never an op. Exciting!

    I'm a bit nervous, to put it lightly, as I've just applied to the 2019 spring cohort traditional BSN pathway at CU Denver. As I continue to read through others experiences in applying to nursing schools, and especially CU, I feel the competitive weight getting heavier and heavier.

    I'm not a terrible student, as I'm sitting on about 100 credits at a 3.5GPA. To be honest, I'm pretty impressed it's even a 3.5, as my first 15 credits I had a 1.9GPA fresh out of high-school seven years ago before I took a university leave. My pre-req GPA sits at a 3.9, I've got 50hrs of volunteer work, and have shadowed two full-day major organ transplant surgeries (at UCHealth) - overall, not as much as I was hoping to accumulate.

    I guess, should I be as worried as I am? I feel like my beginning credits will weigh me down heavily, as they drop my cumulative to a 3.5 from my pre-req 3.9; this includes straight A's in every science course, and a single B in dev. psych.

    I've got 2 months until I know anything at all, and it's driving me nuts! What do any of you all think? Should I be so worried?
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  3. by   Jeswalton
    Hi there! I applied too.. I am so nervous! Have you hear from them? I am a bit confused... I got an email from them and they want to have a phone meeting with me next week. I noticed I wasn't the only one (17 others). Seems like the phone meeting is for about 10 min. I am wondering what is it about.
  4. by   Bellefeu
    I haven't gotten word of anything yet, so maybe they are considering you! I can't think of anything it could be for besides scheduling an interview day, or acting as a sort of tiebreaker between you and the 17 others. Might mean I'm out of the running haha! Do you feel you had a very strong resume/personal statement/experiences etc.?
  5. by   Jeswalton
    I just noticed that I applied for summer 2019 traditional pathway with choice in South location.

    To be honest, no. My GPA is minimum requirement, but I did wrote a paper about some circumstances that prevent me from not getting a better GPA. I also took the Casper test.
  6. by   minaya
    Hi! I also applied and the wait is killing me!
    I had the phone call with the head of admissions and an academic advisor, it was pretty laid back and shorter than 10 min. How was yours? They told me that the emails about the interview will be sent mid December so hopefully but this time next week we'll have some news. *crossing fingers* Good luck to everybody!
  7. by   Jeswalton
    Yes, I had the phone interview also. Seems like it was set up with all the students that English is not their native language. It lasted for less than 10 min. Good luck!!
  8. by   Bellefeu
    One week left, gosh, so stressful. Hopefully we all make it! I never got a call, but I am a primary English speaker competent in a few other languages; I can't remember if I applied for south campus or not.

    We'll find out soon!
  9. by   Jeswalton
    Good luck! I applied to South Denver.