CU Denver Accelerated BSN Spring 2013

  1. So the application just opened. I am working hard on my essay, wanted to see how many others out there are in the boat with me.
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  3. by   scbrown85
    Quote from hopefulinCO
    So the application just opened. I am working hard on my essay, wanted to see how many others out there are in the boat with me.
    I applied last week and everything is in and complete. It's just a waiting game now....totally anxious! Good luck!
  4. by   COmed
    I just applies last wk ... i dunno what to expect, i think i have a good essay but not sure if I applied to late, judging by how early you two applied ... does the portal work for knowing status of application? I've read letter also go out ...
  5. by   hopefulinCO
    I checked the portal, and it shows that my application is complete. Now it is just the waiting game, good luck!
  6. by   hopefulinCO
    Does anyone know if CU does rolling admissions or if they wait until the deadline to start reviewing?
  7. by   COmed
    @ hopefulinCO - my application is now complete as well ...

    As for rolling admission, I don't believe that happens automatically, I believe they start reviewing when all required materials have been submitted, but I was told a response could be approx 6-8wks after the deadline application, last time I called nursing admissions ...
  8. by   kerleigh722
    I applied a few months ago. Nervous my GPA isn't good enough, but I've been a CNA for many years... Good luck to you all!
  9. by   Solviken
    I also submitted my application for 2013 entry to the accelerated program. Has anybody heard back yet?
  10. by   indahcathi201
    I think it's nearly guaranteed that we're not going to hear back until August. They don't have the admissions committee even come together until after the deadline.

    Since y'all are doing the accelerated program, what is your previous major? I majored in biology.
  11. by   Tebus
    I've applied also. I keep checking several times a day, I don't think I can wait 8 weeks!
  12. by   Colorado Hopeful
    I just got an email for an interview. I didn't think there was an interview for admission, and I will be in Chicago that day. Does anyone know more about this interview process? I will need to make changes to come back early from my trip if the interview is mandatory.
  13. by   aven917
    I didn't think there was an interview either. I just confirmed my Duke interview for the exact same day and bought a plane ticket for that interview so I emailed and asked if there was any way to have an alternate interview date. Does anyone know anything more about Duke's interview process?
  14. by   amc074
    I too was surprised to hear about the interview. I don't remember seeing anything about it on their website when I submitted my application, though it is mentioned on there now. However, it does not say anything about the interview being on campus. There is no way I can miss work/class to fly out there as I live in the Northeast nowhere near an airport, so I'm hoping I might be able to do my interview over the phone or on skype.