Concorde Career Institute

  1. Anyone attending or attend? Can you tell me the tution, and any other info on this school? That is about the RN program. please PM me
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  3. by   Coloradogrl
    I am in the LPN program there and abuot to start my 2nd term here in a few weeks. I am considering briding there for me RN but I am thinking of just gosing through Indian State for my BSN instead.

    The prices go up every class pretty much to be honest with you soooo you can plan on the prices changing about every 3-4 months.

    I could go on and on about little piddle sh&t about Concorde but I am not. The instructors really care about BUT it will be the most intense time of your life. IF YOU DONT HAVE ALL YOUR DUCKS IN LINE WAIT!!!! There really isnt any way to work and go to school....unless you plan on dropping out after a few weeks. Also plan on not having any social or hardly any family time.
    Before I started school my family decided to use a part of our savings and prepay all of our bills for 6 months.
    YES the reason the prices are soooo high is because there is pretty much NO wait list. I thiknk the price is like 38-40k for RN and 25k for LPN.

    The school is a business and they want to make $$$ but I can truely say the instructors(atleast in the nursing programs) really care about you and have a passion for their profession.

    I need my break sooo bad it isnt kidding. I am living off about 4-5 hrs of sleep.
    ALSO plan on spending about 7hrs in school a day and another 3-4 hrs of homework durning the week and another 7-10 hrs(ATLEAST) on the weekend
  4. by   lisacsu84
    i am in the rn program there, yes it is pretty intense, but you will find that at any nursing program no matter where you go!!!! they have a few problems with teachers but most of those teachers are gone. i have really enjoyed my time there and i gradauate in august. but do be prepared to work really really hard