Colorado Mesa University BSN Spring 2018

  1. Anyone else applying here?

    It seems to be one of very few schools in the state that admit in the Spring. Does anyone have any idea of how stringent their admission process is, or if they consider out of state students?

    It looks like they only look at your last 5 years GPA, which would take my abysmal 2.6 to a more competitive 3.5. You also have to have completed AP I, II and Patho or be in the process of completing them by the application deadline of Sept. 15th and have taken the Kaplan Test. They will invite the applicants with the highest scores based on those criterion to an interview. And, it's only 4 semesters!

    Anyone know where I can take Patho online?
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  3. by   SiwanRN
    Only 4 semesters now? Cool, it was 5 when I went. When I attended admissions were on a points system based on your ATI (what they used before Kaplan) test, overall GPA and your GPA in the prereqs (AP I, AP II, Patho and the associated labs particularly). It was pretty stringent with the average GPA of my cohort upon admission to the nursing program being around 3.75 in general and higher for the prereqs. We had some out of state students in my cohort, particularly from Utah since it is so near there. That might have changed since I attended, it was a little while ago. I don't have any suggestions about Patho online classes, but best of luck in your applications!