Colorado Children's Residency Program 17'

  1. Hello everyone!

    In the past, it seemed to be helpful to have a thread started for the residency programs so everyone can stay updated when the programs start sending out notifications. That being said, I haven't seen one started yet for the Colorado Children's New Nurse Residency Program (March 17' start.)

    I applied to both Denver and Colorado Springs
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  3. by   gdeg
    Hi there, I applied to both Colorado locations too! I spoke to someone in HR today who said interviews wouldn't start until 12/9, and they were still going thru all the applications...

    You're from Raleigh?! I was just there recently interviewing for Duke and Brenner Children's Hospital. I'm from MA.
  4. by   EEWinterFresh
    Hi gdeg!!

    are they going to start notifying about interviews 12/9? Or actually start interviewing? My application still says submitted so that makes me a little nervous!!

    thats awesome though, Duke is great.. I'm graduating from their nursing ABSN program on the 10th!
  5. by   gdeg
    Congrats! I finish my ABSN program next month too... so close!

    Now I'm confused, it sounded like she said they would be interviewing 12/9 into january? But maybe she meant just notifying/scheduling interviews starting 12/9. That would make sense since she did say they're still looking at all the applicants and my status online says Submitted too.
    Here's what the website says, but i think i remember noticing when reading past years discussions that they vary from posted dates.
    • November 1 - December 16, 2016: Review applications and notify candidates
    • January 17-27, 2017: Interviews

    I hope we hear soon fingers crossed
  6. by   PsychRN91
    Hi everyone!

    I'm also finishing an accelerated program this month! I am moving to Denver from Connecticut! Hopefully we hear something soon! Good luck to all!
  7. by   PsychRN91
    Hi! Just wanted to let you guys know that I spoke with a recruiter yesterday and they said updates would be sent out by the end of this week/ early next week! Good luck!
  8. by   mcmelloh
    I got a call today for an interview! January 26th! They called me right after I finished my PALS class and I randomly decided to answer the phone. I was so in shock that it was them calling I don't remember a lot of what they said about the interview. Sooo.. if anyone could help me out. Haha ^^; I believe they said its a 40min interview and a 20min to answer scenario questions? But not sure if its a panel or what else I need to bring.
  9. by   nursek28
    Congratulations, mcmelloh! What department(s) are you interviewing for?

    I'm hoping to get a call soon also.

    Does anyone know how many offers they extend for the residency program? And how many people are selected to interview? Thanks!
  10. by   EEWinterFresh
    Hey everyone!
    I got a call yesterday about an interview at CHCO in Denver for the 6th floor (surgical, ortho, neuro.) Then I got a call today about an interview with CHCO in Colorado Springs for Peds Med/Surg and PICU! Yay! Simultaneously nerve-wracking and incredible exciting. Can't wait to hear about everyone else's interviews/adventures!!
  11. by   aliceinwonderland128
    Hello everyone,
    For those you who have interviewed, how was it?
  12. by   nursek28
    I am also curious about other's interviewing experiences. I'm so nervous!
  13. by   aliceinwonderland128
    I interviewed this past week, I feel it went well. There was good flow and conversation! I was super nervous, but the ladies I interviewed with were really nice and I felt more relaxed once it got started. I hope to hear good news back from them soon! How did yours go? And what unit did you interview for?
  14. by   aliceinwonderland128
    I'm so excited, I accepted an offer for their program today!