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  1. by   Penny8611
    I'm sorry to pry, but I'm curious why you're planning on moving from WA to attend DSON? Is the wait-list problem in your area the reason?

    I wish they would expland their application windows, as well...I'm aiming for the October '08 start, but I refuse to get really excited about it until I have that acceptance letter in hand! :-)
  2. by   Jasmine07
    i am interested in bsn program as i already have one bachelor degree. we do not have accelerated bsn programs in wa. there are a few entry-level msn programs for people who do not have a previous degree in nursing. but i want to get bsn first, and then i will think if i want to continue with msn or not. besides that i heard many good things about dson.

    i know i might not get accepted into their program, as my pre-reqs must match the school's requirements, but i will try.

    good luck with your application process.
  3. by   floyd
    Hi Jasmine, I will also be applying for the July start at DSON. Maybe I will see you there! - Melissa
  4. by   Jasmine07
    Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for your note. Let's keep in touch. Let me know how your application process will be going. I'll let you know if I will get accepted or not. I will apply for BSN program. Will you be applying for BSN too? I would like to have some friends at school.
  5. by   salsaking
    I'm considering applying to DSON for the October BSN program start.... I currently live in CA and am tired of the ridiculous wait lists out here. I'm a bit scared of making such a giant move and am wondering how the cost of living etc. is out there. Will I be able to support myself and attend school at the same time without too much difficulty?
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  6. by   Penny8611
    Depending where you live in California, I think you'll find the cost of living here is cheaper. I know people in LA who think we have it made here. ;-) If you live in a smaller town, though, the cost of living might be a shock to you.

    You're way braver than I am...we'll have my husband's income to live on while I'm in school.

    I'm hoping to start the ADN program in October, so maybe we'll see each other!

  7. by   salsaking
    Well I live in Orange County right now so I'm sure the cost of living will be less. I think what worries me most is trying to find a job that will fit around my school schedule and provide me with enough income to not be too stressed out. That's about the only thing holding me back right now, do you know by any chance if there are hospitals out there that hire nursing students as CNA's or anything like that?