Anyone hiring new grad RNs in Denver or CO Springs?

  1. Are there any hospitals in Denver or CO Springs hiring new grad RNs this fall?
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  3. by   SimonJester
    No replies huh? For my wife, Its been a several weeks of applying every where with not so much as a callback...

    My wife is going to try and volunteer somewhere for a while just to keep active and have something on a resume…
  4. by   nurse901
    I am so sorry that your wife is having difficulty. I wish I could give you good news but I am not sure what hospitals are hiring new grads right now. I am a new grad myself and have applied to 83 nursing jobs and have not had one interview yet. Apparently most of the managers are looking to hire experienced nurses not new grads. I am sure something will eventually come through for all of us new grads(including your wife) but I know how frustrating it can be in the meantime. Tell her to keep plugging away. Also if she can get into a position part time or even PRN then at least the managers would know her already and eventually she would be able to become fulltime. Good Luck
  5. by   e.lindsey
    I've pretty much avoided hospitals at this point. I turned in an application to the VA not too long ago, we'll see how that goes but I'm applying to nursing homes and assisted living and hoping I can get in through there and gain some experience then go back to a hospital. It's rough out there but it's comforting knowing that I'm not alone.

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