Anyone attending Regis?

  1. I've applied to both Regis and UCHSC. Waiting to hear from one of them in the next few months. I haven't noticed anyone talking about Regis. Anyone go there and what were your experiences like?

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  3. by   GregRN
    hey semperfi,

    i went to regis and did the accelerated bsn program. i can't say enough good things about it. as fast as it moves (61 credits in 11 months) and as much work as it is, they really do a great job of fitting it all in. yes, it was stressful, and yes, you devoted your life to it for a year, but many before you have done it and they've done very well, as will many after. i still had time to go out and have fun, unwind a bit, just not as much as i was used to. i wouldn't call it a balance, but you weren't a total slave to school, either. the instructors are very, very open and will do anything and everything they can to help you; there was never, ever a question about that. they were some of the most knowledgeable, caring, understanding, professional people i've ever studied under. the campus itself is easy to get around and all your classes are within walking distance. your clinicals are very well organized, expectations are clearly defined and there's a fair balance between hands-on vs. independence. you are pushed along quickly in clinicals to be autonomous sooner that you might expect but you have plenty of support and resources to be successful. the reputation regis has in the rocky mountain region is excellent as well. i'm kind of a tough one to impress at times but this program did impress me on many levels.

    i don't have first hand experience with uchsc but i've heard very good things about it from friends who have been through their accelerated bsn program. it's fairly new and there were some bumps along the way but nothing that couldn't be overcome quickly. those who have gone through it were very pleased, very impressed overall with the experience. and uchsc also has a great reputation. if you're doing the accbsn program and you need to work, the uchsc program is over a timeframe that makes work and school more do-able. it's very difficult to do both with the regis accbsn.

    hope this helps. feel free to pm me with any questions.
  4. by   Lagoon
    Hi SemperFi,

    I'm currently in the Regis Accelerated BSN program (just started) and it's been pretty crazy (in a good way). The program definitely moves at a very quick pace, but it's been reasonable so far. We've probably covered around 250+ pages of material weekly and there is a lot of material to absorb - not to mention a lot of assignments and lab exercises! Most everyone of my classmates are stressed, but we are doing well/reasonably well. I'd say we are still adjusting and feeling out our instructors in terms of their personalities and testing methods, but so far, the instructors have been kind, knowledgeable, personable, and approachable.

    Time sure passes with the Regis ABSN. The classes are over in 10 weeks and some are over in 5 weeks. That doesn't leave you with much time for a social life or even time to work, but as with any accelerated program, that's one of the expectations. It has been the 3rd week for me, but it feels like I just started yesterday. I've been hitting the books with the majority of my time as there is ALOT of material covered in such a very short time span. I've had some spare time, but not much. I'd say the commute to school (horrible I-25 traffic and the weather) has a lot to do with that.

    I think GregRN has covered all the answers in your question and I don't have anything more to add as I just started the program. Good luck to you SemperFi in your applications. Both schools have very good reputations in Colorado.