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Has anyone received an acceptance letter from Front Range? My sister has been jerked around for months (well, years, actually) and still doesn't know anything. The nursing director is no help, and... Read More

  1. by   TemperStripe
    I'm sure that Melina wasn't trying to offend anyone with her statement. I think what she may be saying is that it is very frustrating to those who have made higher grades to be passed up by Front Range, which then ends up with a class of students with a very high attrition rate.
  2. by   studentnurse3
    I totally understand and I wasn't offended by what she said and I certainly wasn't trying to offend anyone either. My point was that passing over people with Cs isn't fair to them either. Just because someone enters the program with lower grades than the other person doesn't mean that the one with the lower grades will flunk out or will not be prepared for the program. It's not fair to make assumptions like that.
  3. by   hope3456
    Quote from Melina
    I have a friend who is attending Shoreline in Seattle. They use a point system. Students with weaker grades can get more points with their commitment to service, essay, health care experience, etc. The best part is that the point system is not a secret, so everyone knows where they stand.


    Yeah, personally I like the idea of the point seems the most fair.