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Colonoscopy awake, pain-free, no amnesia or hangover


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This is one of many reviews, interesting reading.

[h=2]Remifentanil compared with midazolam and pethidine sedation during colonoscopy: a prospective, randomized study.[/h]Authors

Manolaraki MM, Theodoropoulou A, Stroumpos C, et al.


Department of Anesthesiology, Benizelion General Hospital, Heraklion-Crete, Greece.


Dig Dis Sci 2008 Jan; 53(1) :34-40. Abstract

The objective of our study was to compare the safety and efficacy of remifentanil during colonoscopy with those of the standard combination of midazolam and pethidine.One-hundred and sixteen consecutive patients scheduled for colonoscopy were randomly assigned to groups A or B. Patients in group A (n = 56) received intravenous (IV) midazolam and pethidine. Patients in group B (n = 60) received IV remifentanil.Recovery was faster in group B (0 min) than in group A (56 +/- 11.3 min) (P