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Hello everyone!

I am applying to the RN program here at collin for fall 2018 semester. and was hoping to start a new thread for others also applying for Fall 2018. I am currently in AP2 and micro and just took my PSB today! We are still 4 months out and the anticipation is killing me. Curious what other peoples stats are! My PSB ones are below. Some areas I didnt do great in, but I was told the areas I scored 90's in are ones they look at especially! Odd, I would think they would look at Science but was told its not as important of a factor.

AR- 75

NE- 99

AA- 91

SP- 75

RC- 94

INS- 70

VAI- 94


Ap1- B

AP2 & Micro currently taking but on strong road for definite B's, maybe an A in micro!

Good luck everyone! I hope to meet some new people and make some friends!

I will be applying for Fall 2018 but I will be applying for HCA's Two-Step program so I don't think I will compete with everyone else applying.

I have A's in A&P1&2 and Micro. I also have a previous Bachelor's and Master's degree.

My PSB scores:









I was planning on applying as well but I missed the PSB do you know if they accept PSB results from other schools

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Where do you have PSB from? I was unaware that other schools nearby used it, I thought it was only Collin that uses it in this area

I am planning on taking it at McLennan Community College. I am not sure if Collin will accept it though

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Call the nursing department and ask! I don't see why not if its the PSB-RN!

Did you ask? What was their response?

Hi y'all. I'm also applying for Fall 2018. I got above 90s on all my areas except math. That one is at 70th, which is a bummer, but it's still well above 40th percentile so I guess I'm fine with it. Got all A's on my prerequisites as well.

I am taking CHEM 1405 for Summer 1 under Kimecko. Classmates? Anyone?

Anyone submitted their application yet? I'm thinking of taking mine this week or next. 😬

Does anyone know if the official transcripts that we submit with our application have to be sealed in envelopes or if they can be copies of official transcripts? Thanks!

Sealed transcripts

I had my transcript from Collin mailed to Ms. Rangel a few days ago. But I'm dropping off my application in person this week. So it's okay if I drop off the application without the physical transcript, correct? I wanted to double check because it seems like a lot of people got their physical transcripts and sent it together with the application and I'm kind of worried if I should have done that instead of mailing it to Ms. Rangel separately...

Did anyone else send their transcript separately?

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