College of the Sequoias (COS) LVN-RN Fall 2024

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Hi everyone 

I'm wondering if anyone has applied for the LVN-RN program for Fall 2024? The deadline is around the corner and I'm submitting my application tomorrow morning. I'm super nervous..... What are your stats? Good luck everyone!


I applied for the ADN program . I'm hoping this is my year . 

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Hi Casidy ?

I really hope this is the year for both of us! What are your stats if you don't mind me asking?

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Hi, I applied today for the LVN-RN Program with 79.2 points. 


I am applying as an undergrad student. I have no credentials. 

My stats: TEAS, 84%. Microbio, Anatomy & Physiology, B, B, A grades respectively. I have a signed proficiency of language certificate and a signed letter from my employer, showing proof of working in healthcare setting. Applied with 66.5 points.

I wish to luck to all of you, with respect,


I applied for LVN to RN...wishing everyone luck. Hope we hear back soon.... anxiously awaiting 

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I know I am anxiously waiting every single day I signed up for USPS delivery notifications! 

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What stats did you apply with if you don't mind me asking? 

I also applied for the LVN-RN. Good luck to everyone! ❤️

I applied for the ADN program. I'm currently working as a CNA. TEAS 71% and I have a Bachelor's in a different field but I have all of my prerequisites done. Hoping for the best ?

Does anyone know when they are supposed to send out notifications.

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