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College Questions from a High School Student

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Hi Im Aryana and I'm entering my junior year on high school this fall. I start my clinical in November for my CNA and should be certified in December (its done through school, I go to a vocation school). I plan on furthering my my education and going to college for my BSN. I was wondering is it worth it to take my prerequisites at CCRI then transfer to a URI or RIC nursing program. Is it cheaper that way, is it worth it and is it actually possible? Any tips from people who have done it this way or something like it or any other options that anyone else has don't!?



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You're on the right track, with your plans to go to CCRI then transfer (I went to CCRI when I lived back east!). It'll save you a lot of money, and few colleges give "native" students (students who did their prereqs at their school) much of a preference anymore, so the advantage of doing them at URI or RIC isn't really there. Make sure you do your research on that, however, as I may be wrong (I didn't look at their programs when it came time to do my BSN).

Working as a CNA may or may not give you a boost when you apply for programs, but it'll definitely help you when you get into clinicals.

Unfortunately both URI & RIC now do give preference to students who start in their programs. It can be very difficult to get into the nursing programs at either school if you do not start as a freshman. If you'd like to go to CCRI to save money, I'd recommend obtaining your RN at CCRI. Once you already have your RN you can then apply to the RN to BSN program at either RIC or URI. Be careful to watch your grades - all 3 schools have 'performance based' entrance criteria.