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College put off decision from March until June - ??

Hi there,

I was expecting to find out if I was accepted to the CoN by March 31 for BSN Traditional. I received an email that "at this time a spot cannot be offered, but we will be making a second round of decisions by June 30th". Is this normal? I can check off all the admission requirements, plus a very high GPA. However, I have 3 pre-reqs in progress right now. Based on their admission criteria and a plan of study for 4 years, that should be acceptable (as long as you pass the in progress with a B, which will not be a problem!). Anyhow, I was just wondering if this is a normal thing for schools to do? I want to be optimistic about June decisions, but I have no idea how many spots they have remaining - so it's concerning! Any insight?

Sounds like a wait list which is normal. They will see how many of the original people they offered accept/decline a position by that date and then fill in the extra spaces with the people who are waiting. Since you say you have a high GPA they probably are waiting till you finish your last pre reqs to give you an offer. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I hope they didn't send out acceptances for all their spots, that would mean only a few would probably be open! I forgot to mention that I'm not a transfer student, I guess I took their word for it at the info session and a meeting with an advisor that I shouldn't worry with my GPA. Ahhh. Well, I will keep plugging away on the 3 pre-reqs and finish strong with 3 more As and pray those spots are open!


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They are most likely waiting for your prereqs to be satisfied first. My friend was just told this last week by admissions to a cal state program- her biochem needs to be met first, they won't let her in. She has a 4.0 and Exemplary TEAS V scores. She'll be cutting it too close for the next cohort so they said she'd be placed on a wait list.

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Sounds like you were put on a wait-list. i.e. not a first-round pick. Depending on your standing on the list and how many accepted applicants decline to start the program you may or may not be accepted. The June deadline is probably after the time frame for accepted candidates to make a decision, and then once the school knows how many open seats they have left they'll start notifying applicants off the wait-list. And yes, you were likely waitlisted because you have credits in-progress. While schools say it doesn't make a difference I suspect that it does on the basis of my own experience - every program that I applied to that still had an "in-progress" course (just one math class!) waitlisted me - the one program that didn't care about my in-progress math class accepted me.

Thank you so much for your input verene and Kiki. It's kind of frustrating to read the admission policy and hear all of it in the info session, and then be disappointed. The type A in me wants to finish BSN in 4 years - but I'm realizing now that 5 years will probably be the reality (and have heard people on campus say they never make offers to freshman - sigh!). I'd rather see the policy published as "all pre-reqs" must be completed than getting my hopes up. But I still have a glimmer of hope since I'm not a transfer student and my gpa is still higher than the info they've given me. Thanks! If I have to go 5 years, several semesters will be part time - so I hope I can find a job to accommodate all the scheduling changes :)

Update! I was accepted in their June decisions - once my prereqs were all completed. Very happy that they didn't fill all their spots with early decisions in March. Really looking forward to starting this Fall :)


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