College of New Rochelle 2012/Lehman College 2012?

U.S.A. New York


Anyone else waiting to hear from these two schools?

I know New Rochelle's deadline is today and Lehman's was March 15

Only a few more weeks to know the results

I am Lehman college student. I applied to the nursing program but failed one portion of the HESI exam so the department told me I wasnt getting in. I then applied to Pace and College of New Rochelle. I got my admission decision from CNR online but I am only getting 10,000 for a transfer scholarship. I am now reconsidering because I know if I wait a year I will get into lehmans program and graduate at the same time if I were to go to CNR. so decisions decisions. did u get in?

Hi! I actually called the Lehman nursing department and they said that some letters are going to be mailed out today and the rest on Monday! As for New Rochelle, I'm still waiting the link says my admission letter should be on it's way. So I'm just super nervous and anxious!

That's great! If you log into your CNR account your admission decision should be there. That's where I saw mines.

I did i clicked on the link and it says that my decision letter should be on it's way. It doesn't say yes or no!

Thats weird. They probably havent udated your account but either way goodluck!!

thanks! I called the admissions office and they said that i should be receiving my letter by tomorrow!

are you going to transfer to new rochelle?

I am not sure. I would like to but the program is 5 semesters long and if you think about it, I would end up graduating at the same time if I just wait untill Lehman's next application deadline for the nursing program. So I am soooo confused loll. I recieved my letters for both schools today stating my admission into new rochelle and my rejection from lehman. Did you get in?

I haven't heard from Lehman, but I got rejecte.d from new rochelle. I'm nervous right now

what did the letter say in Lehman's rejection? I love how in New Rochelle they say we can't reapply for any other semester..

lehman's rejection letter said I wont be admitted because I didnt recieve the minimum score on the HESI exam. It says I can reactivate my file and retake the exam if I wish to be considered for fall 2013 :crying2: ugh so upset!! really new rochelle said that?? that ridiculouss!! be positiveee about lehman, you should get a letter by tomorrow. what were your grades if you dont mind me asking?

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