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I just wanted to start off by saying happy new year to all! For all of us applying to College of Dupage for the fall 2011 ADN program today in exactly 1 month our applications are due. For others that already applied it is a time to sit and wait together. So I wanted to start this thread for all of us to use to communicate our worries,our happiness (be positive) and the actual day of our acceptance. Last year early to mid February letters were sent out. I ask you all to post anything you wish. For we could all be together soon. Good luck to all of those applying or taking the entrance exam or just waiting (me). ;)


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Anyone else out there?


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Hi! I'm also waiting. I just found this site. I'm currently in the process of finishing up my last 2 Gen Eds. I'm a little worried about how I'm going to pay my bills come fall, should I get in. I'm going to have to leave my current job and find one where I'm sure I'll make less money. Time will tell, I guess :) I'm a bit bummed that they extended the application date though. It means we have to wait longer!


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Hi beth....

Join our on going discussion in the general nursing discussion. I believe if you go now you will see my post to be the most recent. We even had the director respond in our post!

It's great to meet someone else that is waiting and going crazy like us!!!!

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