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I am finishing up my first Care Plan and I still need to come up with a Collaborative Dx for CHF. Where is a good place to look for this type of information? There are basic examples in my book, but how to I find the needed information regarding CHF specifically? i.e. Potential Complication of Congested Heart Failure : "xxxxx xxxx xxxxx" Where is the best place to research info for the "xxxxx xxxx xxxxx" part of the diagnosis?? Thanks for your help!!


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What does your pathophysiology text tell you?


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In my actual scenario it states "Pathophysiology of Disease: Debilitating syndrome where there is a loss or dysfunction of the cardiac muscle. The heart is unable to pump adequate supply of blood to meet the body's metabolic needs." So how do I restate that as a Potential Complication? PC of CHF : Inadequate supply of blood to meet the body's metabolic demands??


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You need to look beyond your scenario to understand the complications. You're almost there. If the blood cannot meet the body's metabolic demands, what happens? What happens if organs are not adequately perfused? What happens if the heart cannot move fluid forward? Find the answers to those questions, and you'll find your complications.

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physiology, physiology, physiology... i keep telling you:uhoh3: :D