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Cold hands

by Ludie Ludie Member

So my question is-does anyone else struggle with cold hands and how do you handle it?

My hands are almost always cold when I type and do tasks and wash them. So when it comes time to touching a patient, it's like icicles touching them. At one interview I had, the manager even mentioned it and said, "cold hands-you must have a warm heart." Running under hot water helps but not always and takes a while...ideas please


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Pockets?!?! (Sorry! The Devil made me say it! Not trying to be a smarty-mouth!)

They do make little palm-sized gel packs that you quick microwave to warm your hands/fingers. I used them for a long while - soooo nicely warming. Also long sleeves can help conserve general warmth.

I know your problem well.

Like pockets in scrubs? That are full of saline flushes and alcohol wipes í ½í¸‰...does your facility policy allow sweaters/vests on top of uniforms? I've seen this in some places and not others...


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My hands are almost always cold. I just try to warn the pt beforehand. Usually they don't mind because either 1) they are cold-natured too & understand or 2) they are hot-natured & a little bit of coldness feels good.


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I am serious about the palm gel packs. I googled and they are avail multiple places.

Just FYI - be careful about having saline syringes in your pockets. It's not allowed in many places!


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Your post got me to thinking about my very cold-ness too. I need to do some research but there is info out there that there may be a vitamin deficiency, particularly vit D. But others were mentioned.

I already take vit D so I know I have this , but I need to check some more out and run it by my PMP. I really just need to get out and get some sun. I feel like an albino mole!

Just putting the vit deficiency idea out there for you to consider.