Coated cardiac stents seem to keep arteries open

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A new study shows that drug-coated stents appear to be stunningly successful in keeping arteries open well after an angioplasty.

New York Times, March 18, 2002

Coated Stents Seem to Keep Arteries Open


ATLANTA, March 17 (AP) A study released today shows that a new approach to keeping blood flowing smoothly through heart arteries after angioplasty has had astonishing success in early testing, apparently solving a major shortcoming of angioplasty.

Doctors found the new approach, the use of drug-coated stents, to be 100 percent effective, almost unheard of in medicine, in 43 patients who had had them for two years.

More than a million Americans a year undergo angioplasty, and the new approach probably will be used on most of them if further testing supports the early findings. The stents could be on the market next year.

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Wonder is coating will be used for renal stents in near future too?

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Howdy Yall

From deep in the heart of texas

That sounds like good news to us ER nurses. Nothing makes me worry more when a pt comes in with chest pain, than if he says I just had stents put in a month or so ago. Ill be glad when these new ones come out.

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