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CNOR Requirements

remily remily (New) New

I've been working in a main operating room for about 2.5 years now, but I am looking for a change. I have an interview for a completely different department coming up next week. I would like to get my CNOR before I leave the OR just in case I'd like to return in a few years as well as to be able to say I'm certified!

I know that a requirement to apply for the exam is to be working full/part time in a perioperative setting. However, once your application has been approved, you get a 3 month time span to actually take the exam. If I were to get a new job later this month or next month after my application has been approved, would I still be eligible to take the exam?

jeckrn, BSN, RN

Has 17 years experience. Specializes in EMT, ER, Homehealth, OR.

That's a question for the AORN.


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Very helpful link.



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