CNO needs verification from licensing body. One license already expired.

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Hello, I just want to clarify this. I am applying in Canada as an RN and they need to verify of course my license in USA. I have two licenses, one from Texas and one from New Mexico but I am currently working in Texas and my nursing license in New Mexico is expired already (actually I didn't work there at all I just took the exam). Do I have to send licensing verification to New Mexico even though my license is expired? Will it be a problem if my license is expired? The packet said I have to verify my license "from all provinces, territories or countries where you have been, or still are, registered, licensed or certified as a nurse?" I just want to make sure because I don't want to waste money sending verification fees and of course I want to complete my documents.

And also, New Mexico's license verification states that "WE DO NOT VERIFY RN/LPN LICENSURE TO OTHER BOARDS OF NURSING OR TO PRIVATE ENTITIES. YOU MUST GO THROUGH THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF STATE BOARDS OF NURSING (NCSBN) AT WWW.NURSYS.COM" -- Well college of nursing in ONtario is considered board of nursing right? :cry:

but when I check is states: :uhoh21:

Who is not eligible to use Nursys for License Verification?

If one or more of these statements apply, you may not use Nursys for license verification.

  • You are applying for a license outside the United States or Territories?
    Please contact the appropriate agency or authority for more information.

Tadah, College of Nursing in Ontario is outside the United States... Help me. :bowingpur


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well you must declare all licenses you have whether it is active or inactive. just use the nursys online verification of license and the other one the usual verification process. just comply with the new set of requirements to nurisng council where you are applying for registration. I dont see any problem with that for as long you have an active license where you are currently working at that would be fine.


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I'll just call the BON of New Mexico to clarify where I can verify it. Thank you.


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Hi bonsai!

I am going through the same thing right now. I took the exam with the state of New Mexico. My license was endorsed to Arkansas after i renewed it coz I was supposed to work there with an employer but it did not push through. However, my licensed was successfully endorsed to Arkansas.

I did not research on it. I just assumed that it is the same thing--send the form to the state (Arkansas) and they will send it to CNO.

After reading this thread, I am now worried that they might not verify my licensure.

What happened to yours?

How did you get U.S to verify your license?

Did you get it verified with New Mexico or Texas?

Hope to hear from you soon.


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wow, this thread is so old.

Anyway, New Mexico and Texas both verified my licensure. Just email the BON to verify what kind of form they have for verification. Even though you endorsed your license, you still need to verify your license even if its expired.

I got mine verified I guess because Canada just approved my application. Goodluck to yours.


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hehehe yeah but i'm glad i found this thread now. i was even wondering if you'd still respond.


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