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CNN part 3 at 2pm on Wednesday, What did you think?

I like the interview with the travel nurse. The guy who wrote the book "Take this Book to the Hospital with you." really irked me. He is typical of these people who take situations like this and sell books not to help but to line their own pockets. My hackles really went up, they gave him way to much air time. Let him go on one of those talk shows where people promote books for personal gain shamelessly. I thought the empty shoes at the White House is a pretty cool publicity stunt, who ever had the idea had a good one.

;) Oh and I would like to add that I liked the emails they read from real staff nurses. All the nurses comments were so on the money. The narrator commented that she reads all the emails from nurses, she actually said that.

I just saw the 3rd part and was disappointed to hear a layperson author speaking about staffing ratios!!! He stated there should be one RN for 7-10 patients on units and one RN for 3 patients in ICU. There are soooo many variables and it was disrespectful to have advice coming from this person instead of a NURSE. I did not see interviews from anyone from ANA or CNA in any of the 3 parts. Odd that some parts of the country have different sections included/omitted.

I did like mention of the recent study done re: reduced UTI's, pneumonias, shock with higher nurse ratios.

All in all, just happy to have the crisis on national news.

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