I applied to 3 Nursing Schools for the 2011 academic year.:confused::confused::confused: I am particularly interested in the CNL program at UMD and I am wondering what the turn-around time is for submitted applications. My status currently indicates:complete Ready for Review.What does this mean? How long shoud I wait before I get a response? What is the next step? How much is the deposit if you do get admitted? And lastly, has anyone applied that didn't get in? If you where accepted and graduated/currently attending-how is the course load?:coollook:

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I think you might get a better response if you posted this on your local board. Go to the top and select the tab that says "region" then "US" and then find your board there.

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Hi there -

I'm graduating in May from the CNL program. They give you an option of 16 or 21/24 (depending on which semester you're admitted for) months for completion. If you choose 16, be ready for a heavy course load - especially in the first and last semester.

I don't remember how long it took to hear back though, I'm sorry. And the initial deposit a couple years ago was $400.

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Read up on the Fall 2010 and 2009 UMB threads for time to admittance. I don't recall the exact timeframe, but I remember it taking longer for CNL's to be decided upon then traditional BSN students, and trad students trend toward 5-6 weeks for fall admissions.