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CNA's - what iphone/ipad apps do you find most useful?

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I recently got a new iPad and I would love to hear which apps you find most useful!

Thanks! :)

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Dorali has 12 years experience as a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in 6 yrs LTC, 1 yr MedSurg, Wound Care.

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I have one called Quick MT. It's basically a dictionary and also has explanations for prefixes & suffixes, and abbreviations. Such as -algia means pain, poly- means many, MI means myocardial infarction or mitral insufficiency. (That's just a few I picked out.)

New England journal of medicine has an app with articles, and some *funky* pictures. There isn't much on it, but I'm hoping they update it.

There also these 3D anatomy apps. I have the lite version of 3 of them.

Medline University has one that you can read articles and quiz on for CE credits.

Micromedex Drug Information. I haven't used that one much because I don't deal with a lot of meds at work, but I've used it a few times if I want to know what something is for.

Gray's Anatomy. It's an encyclopedia, basically. I wanted it because it was Gray's Anatomy Lol! I think it's the lite version also.

Most of mine are apps I can learn from. I plan on starting nursing school next year so I try to pick stuff up where I can.


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