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I am in CNA classes and we were told in the book and by the instructor to not accept gifts from patients or family members. I understand if it's money or jewlery or something, but CNA's can't accept thank you cards, flowers, or donuts?? Is this true in the real world or is it a "by-the-book" thing?? I don't really see anything wrong with accepting a thank you card. It actually said in the book we should say something like, " Oh I can't accept flowers, let me help you take them back to your car." LOL. :chuckle:chuckle OMG I can't imagine saying something like that after someone went out their way to send me flowers.


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I was a CNA in LTC for 3 years, until last month. Whenever we were given gifts like candy or donuts or whatever, we were supposed to try to decline, but if the person insisted on giving it then it was ok to take whatever it was and put it in the staff break room to share with everyone. This usually worked pretty well. Cards that are written to you personally are probably ok to take, as long as there's no gift inside! I was never given flowers, but I probably would have done the same thing - put them somewhere that everyone could enjoy, if the person just insists on giving them to you. Just my two cents.


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You will find that most healthcare employers, also, have specific, written policies that employees (at any level) can't accept gifts. The suggestion about sharing food or flowers with the entire unit staff is appropriate. If someone (a client or family) really wants to give you a gift, you can encourage them to make a gift to the hospital auxiliary, foundation, patient fund, etc.

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i know both hospitals ive worked for, one as an extern and one as a tech... the hospital policy on gifting applied to ALL staff members on the floor.. techs and RNs alike.

each hospital had a different policy... but they were generally the same. i would just ask your manager or refer to a handbook for the guidelines on accepting gifts and the maximum value on a gift youre allowed to accept.

i dont think ive heard of ANYONE not being able to accept a thank you card!

when in doubt, ask management :p (on policies that is.)


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Thank you cards we were always allowed to accept at the ltc where I worked. Food flowers ect we did the same thing put them in the break room. Eons ago when I had a family member in a nursing home, we used to give them gift cards but I think thats before places got so insanely wierd about it. As a family member I think its wrong not to allow us to thank someone for working extra hard and doing such a great job caring for our loved one. And I saw that the families who gave rewards got the the better care for their loved ones. I was punched by residents, it would have been nice for the family to be able to thank the hardworking cnas.


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At uni (I'm an RN student and an AIN) we were taught that anything above a personal card you accept gracious and share with the entire staff (as suggested already.) For example on a psych floor I've had experience on, that was largely populated by adolescent girls, mums would often bring flowers for the nursing staff when their girls went home and the flowers would be displayed at the nurses station. Actually when I was born (20 years ago!) my dad sent $200 worth of chocolate and flowers to the nurses because my mum was so difficult!

We've given examples at uni of little old ladies trying to gift a kind nurse with something exceptionally valuable and ALWAYS ALWAYS decline (or, if they're confused, just take it and then put it back where it belongs!)

Youll almost definitely find that your facility will have guidelines on this.


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We aren't allowed to accept gifts except for at Christmas time, then it is allowed as long as it is under $5 in worth. However, many families will bring us food, etc. and put them in our nurses station. We all enjoy that then.

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