Cna work scheduling?


Right now I'm in the process of my prereqs, but I'm focusing on taking a Cna class sometime within the next couple of months. What I'm concerned about it does the scheduling work around your school schedule? Do u have adequate time to study?

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It depends on where you go for classes and where you end up being hired. I took morning pre-req classes and my CNA training was in the afternoon/evening. I finished my quarter for CC the week before clinicals started so I had all my time to devote to them. Though the school I went to had a few different options for clinical completion (days vs evenings vs weekends only) so I likely could have worked something out if I was still in classes. I didn't find it particularly difficult to juggle the two (though I wasn't taking a full load at CC at the time) and was not the only student in the CNA program that was doing both.

I now work part-time while I'm in school. I work swing shift so I can attend classes during the day. So far scheduling hasn't been a problem for me. If I have something going on at school that may make me late (e.g. final exams have non-standard schedules) I let my supervisor know well in advance and work out the best option for dealing with it. I did make a point of mentioning I was a student during my interview and was very upfront about the fact that I would primary want swing shifts with a regular schedule but was/am open to occasionally covering other shifts when I have time in my schedule. She has hired other students in the past and is very willing to work with me. Other facilities/managers may not be the same.

I've found that organization and communication are key to keeping work and school from interfering with eachother.

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In the area where I live, most CNA jobs in LTC are 8 hour shifts from 6 to 2pm, 2 to 10pm, and 10 to 6am. In hospitals, 12-hour shifts are offered with hours from 6am to 6pm and 6pm to 6am, or 7am to 7pm and 7pm to 7am.


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