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Hi! I'm currently a Nursing student at Ocean County College. I know there is already a thread similar to this, but the posts were dated from 2009. I'm looking for more current information. I was wondering if anyone knew any accelerated CNA programs in the Ocean County area? Please and thanks!


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If you are currently in a Nursing program and finished your first semester of Clinicals you do not have to take a CNA course. Visit NJ department of Health and Senior Service website there is a link where you can fill out an app to become a license CNA. Don't waste your money and time for something you already learned in Nursing school. Good Luck ;)


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here is an link. i had to dig thru the site, so i thought it would be convenient to post the direct link for us that have completed fundamentals of nursing. hope it helps. i have not tried it yet, as i do not know the "required documentation" that they need other then (what i can assume) a transcript of completion of fundamentals of nursing.

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You need to produce a transcript that you completed and passed fundamentals and usually your instructor or other school official signs off on your application to challenge the CNA exam.