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CNA training through LTC?

by zeezur zeezur (New) New

A while back I saw a thread where people were discussing how they became a CNA through an LTC/nursing home/assisted living facility. The facility trained them for free in exchange for work (usually up to a year).

Anyway, I'm not going to type it all over again, but CNA classes are unavailable at the moment. Yes, you heard that right! All four CC in my area cancelled their programs, the Red Cross is full until september, and the technical schools are charging anywhere from 3-5k. The adult school CNA programs in my areas are also full until september.

This is why I decided to call a bunch of LTC/nursing homes/assisted living facilities to see if they offered CNA certification via on the job training. I can't tell you how many facilities I called off of this .gov list: https://hfcis.cdph.ca.gov/LongTermCare/FullListing.aspx?st=ltc

Not a single one said yes. They all said no, which leads me to think this method of CNA- on the job training is outdated. Has anyone within the last year or two completed a CNA certification through an LTC? I'm not sure if I should keep calling or if I'm just wasting my time doing so. Someone please heeeeeeeelp!~:bag:

Not sure if this info is any helpful but I live in the los angeles area, specifically San Fernando Valley. Any info, tips, insight is appreciated.

I'm sorry its been so hard to find a CNA class. Yeah I'm not sure if this is something out dated or not. Good question...I had happened to be able to take my class through my home health agency 3 years ago.. but because of some regulations we as well can not offer the class at this time. I got lucky and my class happened to be the last class that was taught. So maybe other places had to stop as well giving the classes because of certain regulations and requirements that places did not or could not acquire.

All I can say just keep trying.. did your CC say when they might start up the classes again. Otherwise not ideal but I'd sign up for septembers classes at the red cross and at least get your name in before that fills up

Also even if you can find a place they usually have specific times for their classes. For instance when our company did have them they only had classes in spring and fall. Actually when I found out about the classes I just missed the spring class and had to wait till the fall to be able to take it. So at this point you might have to wait till fall no matter where you take it

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Thanks for replying! You're probably right. The red cross is having an orientation next week on the 25th, so I'll just sign up for the september class and look for another job in the meantime. I wasn't expecting to wait 2 months, but oh well. I'll just keep myself busy. :)

The closer you are to the Mexican border, the more likely you'll see "on the job training" for CNA's. No social security number required.

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It may be the area. I live in Vermont, where demand for LNAs is high enough that nursing homes and home health agencies are offering on-the-job training. A few facilities are looking for geriatric assistants (LNA aides), with guaranteed admission into LNA training.

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The LTC I worked for right out of nursing school did on the job CNA training. It was 2 weeks classroom stuff and 4 weeks on the floor with one of the CNAs or even one of the nurses if we were available "supervising" the work. At the end of the program you could take your state test and begin working with us as a paid employee. The training was free but they had to sign a one year contract and pay their own exam fee.

It may be a regional thing. I'm in Texas. And for the record you had to have a valid social security number to take the state certification exam and gain employment as a CNA so idk where that comment came from.