CNA skill test hard? (CA)

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Hi, I am taking my CNA board test in a few weeks and was wondering if the skills portion was hard?

If anyone has any advice, any stories or tips to share regarding their experience, it would be gratefully appreciated.

Aloha, before I took the skills test I was a nervous wreck. I anticipated a much harder test. When it came time for the test, the testers told us that they didn't expect perfection and as long as we acknowledged out mistakes we would pass. In fact, they weren't even paying attention a lot of the time. I would just advise to practice so you feel comfortable. You will pass, its the anticipation of the whole experience that creates the stress. I wish you the best:yeah:

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I just passed my test in Torrance, CA and it is easy. I took it at Red Cross and passed, just practice and know the skills and you will do fine on the test. The examiners will ask if you would like to add anything else to your skill and just take your time and think if you included all the principles of care. Good luck!

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Like my teacher said that they pay attention to like hand washing etc... I mean its different when your actually doing it vs. "fake" doing it in front of examiners. I mean YOU know you won't forget to give privacy...duh but I mean what about like dumb little mistakes? How do they judge then?

Everybody is nervous when they take the skills test, so the testers know you will make mistakes. I even forgot to do my closing skills on one skill because I got sidetracked, but I realized it and verbalized what I had forgotten to do. They all want you to pass and it is ok to forget things as long as you acknowledge it at the end. I think the vital signs are the most difficult and I think those are the skills you need to pass in order to get certified. You will be fine and it will all be over before you know it :up:

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