CNA School in San Antonio

U.S.A. Texas


I'm a pre-nursing student and I want to get my CNA so I can really have a feel for nursing before I make it my career. I've researched a lot of different schools and programs in San Antonio (such as SAC, Career Quest, Above All Medical Training, etc), it seems that all of the schools are pretty much the same with a difference in tuition.

Have any of y'all taken a CNA class in San Antonio? I'm currently going to an Alamo Community College (Northwest Vista), and I'm taking 18 hours so it won't let me sign up for the program at SAC. I don't want to wait until next semester to get my CNA, and I also don't want to have to take less hours because of it. I'm not sure how well the other programs are and just wanted some input if you guys had any. Thanks in advance.

I am with ABOVe all medical and while I can not speak for other local schools, I can say that our school is taught strictly by RN's. We offer the 5 week course based on preparing students for hospital setting as well as long term care facilities. We have a 95% or better pass rate with every class and welcome students who want a quality education. Call to schedule a free tour or to find out more about our classes.

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