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I wasn't sure where to post this question. I would like to work as a CNA either part-time or on a per-diem basis while I am finishing up my prerequitsites for an RN program. I was trained as a Certifide Nurses Aid several years ago , but because I let my certifiction lapse and I am not in listed in the state registry where I live I have to do some heavy retesting. I found out today that If I want to work as a nurses aid in a facility that I would have to get re-certifide meaning I have to take both the verbal & skillls portion of the exam and be placed in the state regristry so that I can get a job. I would like to work as a nurses aid again to re-gain the exposure of working in health care setting I think it would be very beneficial for me for when I enter into a nursing program ,after working for a while I would like to train for EKG and phlebotomy so that I can become a Patient Care Technician. What I would like to know is, are there any good text out there that I could either purchase or get from the library to study from? I want to do well on the test so that I can begin working as a nurses aid before I return to college in the fall 2003. Thanks

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Call your local community colleges and see if they have a CNA training course and if they do then get their book at the school library. What state are you in? I live in Georgia and here a CNA is the same as a Patient Care Technician 1. Then when we are trained to draw blood, caths, and glucose, then we are a PCT 2 and then do a little more we are PCT 3. Also check out area hospitals websites and look at their jobs because they might only require that you have experience and not a certification and then you can work for them as a CNA and have the hospital certification. Good Luck..


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you can also check the redcross or localnursing homes. i was told that if my certification expired i'd have to do the required hours all over again (Pennslyvania). Good Luck


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The library has some really good ones if you need a refresher. Just look up "nurses aides" and a ton will pop up.


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