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CNA Question

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So, I recently decided that I wanted to become a CNA. However i am also starting college in the fall as a pre-nursing student. I really don't want the distraction of a job in my 1st year of school. What I planned on doing was obtaining my CNA License this summer and start working with it next summer. My question is does anyone think taking that long of a break, approximately 8 months, from practicing will make it hard for me to receive a job?


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Most nursing homes aren't too picky.


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My advice, though, would be to work part time, ever if it's just 1 day a month! Once you have 6 months of "experience", start applying ay hospitals. If you can get your foot in the door, it'll help you get a job there as a nurse.

Do you think I can find LTC that will hire me for 1 day a month? I also planned on volunteering at my local Children's hospital. Will that help.


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You'll probably have to start off working every weekend, then once they know you and know that you're trained, talk about accommodation for your class schedule.

As for volunteering... do it at the place that you want to get hired at so you can make connections and get your foot in the door. Getting hired at a hospital is mostly about who you know.

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If you plan on becoming a nurse many hospitals will take you on as a CNA or Tech with the assumption that you may work with them after school. I got my first job in a hospital ICU as a tech after completing my nursing fundamentals class. That way I didn't have to pay extra to become a CNA and I was able to learn a lot while working there. I worked PRN which required me to work at least 14 hours a month minimum and after graduation they offered me a job!

ok thank you all so much for your advice.


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