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how much does a cna make in the chattanooga area? Does anyone know about ATC much do they pay? thanks


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to a pretty busy CNA forum. Someone may have an answer for you there. I'm in PA, I work in LTC and make between 10.50 and 10.75 an hour....that's the starting wage where I work, but most places up here pay around 9-9.50. I believe however that the southern states pay considerably less...some as little as six something an hour.


:eek: Wow Lorraine, CNAs are paid much, much better in PA than in IL. Hospitals here pay approx minimum wage and the CNAs I work with in LTC start at $8.80. Pitiful wages for people who work their butts off!


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I know in and around the knoxville, tn area they are paid 8-14 an hour.


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In Utah, cna's are paid $7.50-12 an hour!:eek:


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Memphis TN----about 6.50 to 10 bucks/hr. Never seen a CNA's salary that was better than 10. Average is probably 8-9


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Thanks for all the help I just found out from Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga that they start new nurses out at 8.78/hr..and a raise after 6 weeks...but i also talked to an agency and they said around 14/hr for travel in this area

When I worked as a CNA (in PA) I made about $10/hr when I was full-time over the summer, then I made $14/hr when I went per diem with the same facility, and then I quit and went to agency and made anywhere from 15-17/hr. The agency pay was great for a poor college student but there were major disadvantages, sometimes they couldn't find me shifts or would cancel me.


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Yewd do right by yourself to just go where you want to work and ask right up front. Snap out of it! Ypu have infinate clout when you ask first. Just my no good advice. Just imagine that. I'm sorry.

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