CNA 2 with Phlebotomy tech or Pharmacy tech?

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Hello. :)

I'm going to register for classes at CCCC next week and I'm still not sure what classes I should take.

I'm currently a CNA 1, and planning to take CNA 2 for sure, so I'll have better chance at getting a job in hospitals.

Which would it be better to take with my CNA 2 class?

Phlebotomy or Pharmacy tech classes?

They are both 5-9pm, so they both fit my schedules.

Thanks for your help :D

Oh and just wondering.

I've heard that clinicals for CNA 2 is going to be at Central Carolina Hospital.

Will having clinicals there increase the chance of me getting a job there?


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if ur looking for a hospital job, phlebotomy prob a better bet.


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oh.. mm..

do you know i'll have better chance at getting job at the place where i get my clinicals?


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that depends on if, who and how u make an impression on anyone that works there during clinicals. i don't know much about central carolina hospital.


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well.. i decided to sign up for cna 2 with phlebotomy..

hope its not that hard...

was scared i might not get the spot since i was like the 46th in line and they only accepted 20 cna 2s and 15 phlebotomy.. O_o;

but i was the first one to sign up for cna 2 and 2nd one to sign up for phlebotomy.. lol

oh man i was so nervous..

apparently most ppl.. like 40 of them signed up for cna 1s.. O_O;

is cna job getting popular?

i left to the registration like an hour earlier.. thought i was going to be the first one there.. and nope.. some ppl apparently waited since like 5 in the morning!! lol


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most if not all adn programs now require cna cert with full class and clinicals b4 admission, some lpn programs require it also. so many more ppl are taking the cna classes.


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I hear you don't necessarily need the CNA 2 for a hospital. Alot will train you to be a CNA plus 4 which means you can do a lot of the things a CNA 2 does.


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well.. when i look for jobs.. they usually want cna 2s.. maybe one cna 1 once in awhile...


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I know a lot of places are using CNA IIs instead of LPNs whenever possible to cut down on costs, since they can do a lot of the same things. and a lot of people in the Jville area get their CNAs to get points to get into a nursing program!

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