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CNA from ortho transferring to ICU


I am currently a PCT in orthopedics and I was just offered a position for ICU at a hospital much closer to home.

The problem is that, I get mixed reactions from other PCT's that have worked in ICU. Some say its great and others say its boring because PCT's do not get to do much in ICU. I also hear how you are mostly on your own in ICU and don't really get to talk to anyone.

At first I was really excited, now I am not so sure. I love the staff in my current hospital for ortho, but the commute takes me 35-40 minutes. Whereas for ICU, it takes me 10-15 minutes.

I am about to begin my nursing program this August. Would it be a good idea to jump into ICU before it starts?

Boring or not yes I'd take the job. Remember this will only be a temperary job untill you are an RN. It would be another notch on your belt of departments you have experience in when going for that RN job later and if this hospital is closer to home what luck you might have at getting an RN job later.

Yep it would be a perfect idea. I've worked as a tech in the ICU for the past 2 years and LOVE it. I get to ask the nurses all my nerdy questions and fill my brain for nursing school.

You will see a lot and learn tons. And who knows, maybe it will pave the path to you getting an RN job when you finish nursing school? Mine sure has. It's really the best CNA job (in addition to ER), you have no assigned patients to yourself, and you get to work in high acuity and see extreme examples.