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CNA before nursing school?


I was just wondering if anybody could tell me if you have to already be in nursing school (in clinicals) or can you get a job as a nurse assistant before? I remember a nurse recruiter telling me that I could get a job at the hospital as soon as I got accepted into nursing school, but at a nursing school open house they had said something about getting a CNA certifcate (not until after a few semesters). I am applying after this semester, but I have to apply a year in advance (Spring 2011). I have taken a phlebotomy certification course but experience is pretty much required and job postings that I have seen are looking for typical 9-5 work. I'm just trying to figure out how people work through nursing school, as this is what I need to do.


I think that you can apply for your CNA after taking Fundamentals (in your first semester of nursing school) or since you have time, you could either take the course at your community college (around $1000 altogether) or ask around at different nursing homes in your area to see if they offer the course. I know that nursing homes in my area offer the course for free if you agree to work for them for a period of time after finishing.

Here (in CT) you can start working as a CNA after your first year in nursing school. Or you could take a short CNA course. I think it's a great option that I too am considering. I currently work in retail and I'm worried about how my schedule will work around nursing school. My family is on my benefits for it's either work or Cobra my insurance soooo...

Look into other options at your local hospital as well. Talk to someone in HR and see if there's anything they could offer you. My cousin is working as a unit secretary and is applying to nursing school. You never know what you might be qualified to do! Good luck!!

Thank you for the response :loveya:. I will definitely look into it.